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I Promise

Letter Reading

One of the cops looked up and then spoke with a dry croaky voice

"Well it seems that Michael cannot go back to his home until for a long time so we are going to have to find him a new home"

"Where?" asked Billie

"Well as yet, it looks like he will be going back into the system and up for fostering and adoption"

"No!" shouted Billie and Tre at the same time

"Boys..." hushed Ollie

"No! He can't go back! Not into that system, his life's fucked up enough! I dunno what he would do! And what about our band and our friendship?" yelled Billie

Ollie looked at her feet and sighed. She raised her head and then spoke.

"Fine officers, Mike can stay with us" she smiled

Billie jumped up and hugged his mom then gave Tre five

"Very well, now that is sorted we can talk some more about Mr. Dirnt's injuries."

The three of them agreed and Billie sat down again.

"So when did you first notice some form of harm?"

"Well we saw them in band practice about a month ago" Tre muttered

"Yeah but he just said he fell" added Billie

"Well how do you know that this was done by his father?"

"There's a difference of a bruise you get if you fall compared to one that's in the shape of a fist," growled Billie

"Okay do you mind telling us other ways that you have noticed anything unusual?"

The interview went on like this for about half an hour. Then the nurse came in and whispered something in one of the men's ears.

"Okay it seems we are allowed to go see Mr. Dirnt's injuries."

"Can we come?" asked Tre standing up

"Yes but I warn you, it may not be nice"

"We just want to see Mike" Billie said firmly as he stood up. Ollie also got up and followed the men in suits out, while the cops carried on writing in their notebooks.

They walked down the corridor until they came to Mike's room. The men and Ollie walked in, Billie and Tre looked at each other and then walked in. The sight that hit them made them stop dead. Mikes bloody trousers had been cut so that they could examine his legs with out disturbing any scabs or gashes. His top had been taken of revealing huge purple, blue and yellow bruises. There were cuts, scratches and loads of other wounds. On his legs you could see similar things. On his arms there were burn marks, bruises, cuts and scars.

"How come we didn't see it?" whispered Billie so that the only person who could hear him was Tre

Tre looked up from Mike to look at Billie, who had tears in his eyes. Then a doctor started talking.

"So as you can see, there are many bruises all over his body, but the most disturbing things include, the many lumps and cuts on his head, the burn marks on his arms and the knife wounds..."

"Knife wounds?" interrupted Billie

"Yes Mr. Armstrong, we found some wounds that are of a Knife attack.

Billie had to sit down in a chair and then shut the rest of the examination out. Tre sat down and put his arm around Billie. The men and doctors' left and Ollie had to go pick up one of Billie's siblings.

"Bill..." Tre started

"Yeah?" asked Billie looking up

"He's gonna be fine, you know Mike he's tough" smiled Tre, trying to reassure Billie as well as himself

"Yeah... but this is over his head! I can't believe we didn't see this! I mean look at him Tre! LOOK!" the tears came rolling down his cheeks, as he pointed at Mike.

Tre sighed and then walked over to where Mike was laying; he looked at his pale, beaten up limp body. He let a tear slip down his face and then turned to Billie

"Why do you think he didn't tell us?" asked Tre

"I don't know," sighed Billie walking over. Then he noticed a note sticking out of Mike's pocket.

"Hey look Tre," he pointed at it

"Shall we read it?" asked Tre

"Cant hurt" mumbled Billie

To their surprise when they pulled out the paper another piece had also fallen out.

They picked up the 2 pieces then read the first one it said:

Dear Asshole, yes Michael I mean you. I am going out to the bar tonight. So behave! If not you know what fucking happens! Oh and another thing if you tell anybody and I mean anybody, including your jackass friends about what happens in the house then I promise that I will hunt you down and I will make you suffer! And as you learnt the hard way I always keep my promises. Ha you didn't believe me when I told you if you are back late again then I will hold your arm in the fire! Oh and as you know I will get you because Myla left! You will pay! Well goodbye now and don't touch any of MY food!

You're Father

Billie looked up and then at Tre. "Shit!"

"Come on lets read the next one," mumbled Tre

This one was neatly folded and looked like it had been taken care of. It read:

Dear Mike,

I'm so sorry but I can't take this anymore. I'm leaving, when you get this I will be long on my way out of here. I tried to wait until you came from school but I can't. You know what its like.

I don't care if you are adopted you have always been my best friend and I love you just like family. You were the best brother I could have asked for. I'm sure this will be a shock coming home from school one day to find I'm gone. Well make sure you get out of here soon. Our so-called Dad is going to get really mad and I don't want you to get hurt!

Thanks for protecting me. I will always remember the time that 'Dad' was giving me a row and then he hit me. My own mother wasn't helping but you, you saved me. I'm sorry that he hit you so hard. I really am. We never worked out if anything was broken...

Well I love you Mike and I really hope your life gets better. Good luck with your band and say goodbye to Billie and Tre for me. I hope I can find you again when I'm older but for now goodbye. Oh yeah P.S I'm really sorry for looking at your notebook but that your songs are brilliant! Goodbye dear Mike, Goodbye Bro see you soon, xxx Love Myla xxx

Tre and Billie sighed and looked up at Mike. They folded up Myla's letter and safely put it in Billie's pocket.

"Wow" whispered Tre Breaking the Silence.

"Poor Mike" mumbled Billie

Suddenly Ollie walked in.

"Hey Boys, what's the matter you look like you've seen a ghost."

Billie looked at Tre and he nodded, then Billie pulled the letters back out and handed them to his Mother. It was quiet for a moment as she read them. When she finished there were tears coming out of her eyes.

Then all of a sudden there was a noise from one of the machines that surrounded Mike, One of the doctors came rushing in and then looked at Mike

"Well Boys" he said turning to look at Billie and Tre