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I Promise

Will he be okay?

"It looks like your friend is stronger than we thought, his body is now working properly on his own. He should wake up soon," smiled the doctor.

Billie's face lit up "Really? He's gonna be okay?"

The doctor nodded, "Although he will be very weak, he should be fine."

"Awesome!" laughed Tre.

"So will he be able to come home straight away?" asked Ollie.

"I'm afraid not, he will have to stay so we can monitor his progress and make sure his wounds heal properly."

"As long as he's okay," mumbled Billie.

The doctor wrote something down on his clipboard and walked out. Billie walked up to Mike and grabbed his hand Tre followed and put his arm around Billie.

"Told you so," smiled Tre, "He's gonna be alright."

But Billie didn't smile. "It shouldn't have happened in the first place," said Billie bitterly.

"It wasn't your fault!" exclaimed Tre.

"Yeah, but he's my best friend, I'm supposed to protect him!" sobbed Billie as a tear fell down his cheek.

Seeing her son crying Ollie rushed over. Tre stepped back to let her try on cheering him up.

"I'm gunna go for a walk," Tre informed them before walking out.

Tre's POV

I walked past many people, some with tears in their eyes others with a big smile. If a couple of months ago somebody had told me that this was going to happen, I would have laughed in their face. But this was no laughing matter, not even for me.

I walked outside and sat on a bench. I placed my head in my hands and thought. I thought about everything that had happened. My deep thinking was interrupted by a girl's voice.

"Hey what's wrong?" she asked.

"Nothing," I said without looking up.

"You sound familiar," she stated.

"Yeah well," I spat.

"Well I gotta go see my brother," she sighed.

"I better be getting back," I said lifting my head out of my hands, seeing the girl for the first time.

"Tre," she gasped.

"Myla?!?" I shouted, eyes wide open.