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I Promise

Why did you leave?

Still Tre POV

She pulled me up and hugged me. I was speechless.

"I'm so glad that I ran into you!" she cried. I recovered my power of speech and asked her all of the burning questions that were on my mind.

"Why did you leave?" was the first one that left my lips

She looked at her feet.

"I couldn't take it anymore; I didn't expect Mike to stay with... Him," she sighed

I nodded in response.

"Where did you go?"

She shrugged. "Just lived rough." I felt my eyebrows lift.

"Trust me it's better conditions than in the Pritchard household" she mumbled.

I carried on with my questioning "How come you were out here, not with Mike in there?"

She crossed her arms and blew her hazel hair out of her eyes. "I had no clue what room Mikey was in, and those asshole Nurses at the front desk wouldn't tell me!"

"Okay so how did you know about Mike being in hospital?"

"Word travels fast on the street." She smiled sadly at me, grabbed my hand and motioned towards the door.

"Now if you don't mind, I wanna see my little Bro, we can do the interrogation later."

I silently nodded and made my way towards Mike's ward. As we walked past the desk Myla stuck her middle finger up at one of the Nurses.

"Yuh know, you two ain't related but you are so similar it's not even funny." I laughed as the Nurse Scowled at Myla

We came across the room I pushed the door open, I saw Billie Joe's face look up and an astonished look come upon his face.

"Myla?" he gasped But Myla wasn't listening she was walking over to Mike. Her eyes were filled up with tears and she scanned Mike's body.

All I heard from her lips was "this is all my fault."

"Not you too, this is nobody's fault except the asshole of a father you have," Ollie explained.

Myla turned and nodded. She wiped her eyes and put on a smile. "Anyway how are you Billie Joe, Mrs. Armstrong?"

Billie Joe walked over to her and hugged her; she looked a bit shocked at first but then put her arms around him and embraced him.

"We've been better honey, oh and for the millionth time, call me Ollie!" smiled the middle aged woman

"Sure Ollie, now how's my Brother?" she asked, her eyes full of worry.

"The doctor said he should be fine. We had some problems at first but now he's gunna be fine, just weak for a couple of days," Billie spoke with a rough voice, tired from crying. He let go of Myla and sat back down with his Mom.

Myla walked over to where Mike was, and grabbed his hand. She squeezed and to her utter surprise he squeezed back.

His electric Blue Orbs opened and met Myla's chocolate brown.

"M...My...Myla?" he whispered

"It's me, Mikey. Your sister's here," she smiled.