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I Promise

I Owe You My Life

Ollie POV

Seeing the two siblings hugging brought a smile to my face. I looked across to my son. He looked relieved to say the least, although he looked slightly angry with Myla, I hoped she didn't notice. I knew Billie Joe may blame Myla for this, but I hoped that wouldn't be the case.

After the doctors had checked over Mike they told me that he would be able to go home in a few days if his condition stays stable.

While Billie and Tre where talking to Mike, Myla and me went to fetch food for everyone, and it gave us a chance to talk.

"I'm so glad he's alright" smiled Myla

"I'm so glad you came" I replied as I picked up some snacks

"Yeah... I'm sorry I ever left him, I feel so guilty, it's all my fault and I know I'm not the only one who thinks it." she sighed looking at the floor.

So she had noticed Billie's glares. I put my arm around her and she looked up and I saw her eyes filled with tears.

"Now, don't cry. Don't listen to Billie, he's just angry at everyone at the moment, it's not your fault okay?"

I wiped her tears and we she nodded slowly.

"Thank you Ollie, I don't know what me and Mikey would have done without you, you really saved him."

I smiled and then studied her closely, her clothes where hanging off her and they were torn in some places.

"So where have you been living, since you left?"

"Uuh...Well...various places..." she muttered

"Like where?"

"Umm Bus stops, train station, oh sometimes I stay with some friends I have"

"You live on the street? Why didn't you come to our house honey?"

"I'd caused enough trouble already, and it's not that bad..."

I pulled her into a hug and sighed deeply.

"How about... when all this is over, you join your brother in our house?"

Her eyes went wide


I nodded.

"But I don't want to intrude... and Billie thinks that"

"Stop that right now, Billie has no say in this, in fact I'm not taking no for an answer! I can't know your living on the street! You can share with Mike in the Garage!"

We had reached Mike's room. Myla looked at me and then spoke quietly.

"Thank you so much, I owe you my life" and then walked into the room.