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I Promise

It wasn't pretty

Billie POV

My Mom and Myla went to grab some grub while me and Tre talked to Mikey.

"How you doing bud?" Tre asked

"Meh, like I just got hit by a car, and then a van, and then a truck"

"Good to know" I laughed

"I'm gunna sleep, okay?"

"Hell yeah, you need to rest Mike"

Mike fell asleep pretty quickly and Tre and me just sat there in silence until Tre broke it with a statement,

"I can't believe Myla's back"

"I can't believe she left in the first place" I spat

"It wasn't her fault though..."

"Oh yeah?"

"Bill, it's not as if she was better off, she was living on the street!"

"But not with an abusive monster!"

Tre shut up for a while. Then asked another question.

"Reckon she's gunna stay this time?"

I shrugged. "If she does my Mom will probably let her stay in our house... and I don't want her anywhere near me, so I hope she goes back to her bus stop"

"But Mike wants her around, their brother and sister!"

"Well she doesn't act like it"


"Look Mike's better off without her, trust me"

Tre nodded and turned his attention back to Mike, while I thought of what would happen if Myla did move in with us.

And it wasn't pretty.