Carefully Guarded


I could not fall in love. I wanted to, but if I did terrible things would happen. Ok, that’s a bit of an over statement. But I suppose you can judge for your self.

I was running around the carnival. It used to be my favorite place. (My family ran the place, and who didn’t want their family to run a carnival?) That fateful day I ran into the new fortune teller. When I bumped into her she gasped and dragged me into her tent.
“Child, I warn you that the day you allow your self to fall in love will be the day danger might find you. Be careful child. A weight falls on your shoulders.”
I was 12 and scared out of my wits. I ran to my daddy. He could tell that something had upset me, but I never told him who or what had done so. Then when I was 13 I saw the fortune teller again and she once again took me to her tent to talk to me.
“Have you thought of what I have said?” I nodded gravely. “Good, because I have an offer for you.” I nodded to show that I was in fact listening to her and taking this seriously. “I have thought many a night over you position and so I finally made you an necklace that will only allow you to fall in love the right man, and only when both of you are ready.” This sounded like the best thing in the world, so I nodded eagerly. I wanted that amulet! She gave it to me on the condition that I don’t abuse it’s power. I solemnly agreed and, according to the charm’s powers, have never fallen in love. I made friends and, in the case of boys, I warned them to never ever fall in love with me, just in case.

It is now my 17 birthday and I’m tired. See, I didn’t spend my birthday like most people would. No, I spent it running for my life. Fun stuff.
After I graduated high school (early) I became an adventurer. Dad supported my decision and ever since I’ve traveled the world making friends only long enough to say “Happy 1 Month Anniversary”. It was a lonely life, but I needed it. I meant no one got too close. No one could get hurt too badly. Anyway, being an adventurer sometimes meant getting in to trouble. And on this move trouble followed me.
Trouble followed me to England.
I found a smuggling operation with items I don’t approve of. I exposed it and they weren’t too happy with. Too bad. On the big 1-7 I had walked off a train and several men screamed “There she is!” Needless to say, I murmured a choice word and sprinted away. I ran until I had no idea how far I had gone and then slowed to a gentle jog. Sounds easy? It was until they found me and pulled out a dangerous object that makes a nice loud boom sound. Know what I’m talking about? Good. Now back to present.
“Now, if you had just walked away from this, we would both be happy,” The lead man said. I smirked.
“I have nothing to lose and no one to miss me. Now if you pull the trigger, all I will leave the world with is this body that you will have a hard time explaining.” I saw this slowly going through his head. I kept my smirk in place as he slowly nodded hi head and said something else that was not so pleasant.
“Alright then, put her in the cells.” I didn’t know what a cell was, but I would find out, then leave. The next thing I know I was being dragged along by the stupid thugs standing on either side of the leader(of sorts).
Cell, it turned out, was a set of old prison cells that these thugs had gotten their dirty hands on, along with the key for them. I saw an unconscious boy, around my age laying there. He had ginger hair and as I walked past he moaned in sleep.
“Please, please, NOOO!!!!!!!!” I jumped back startled at his assertive voice just then. It was a voice of power. A voice that didn’t belong in a cell.
That voice was one I grew to know. Yes, I stayed in the cell, merely for his own sanity. In all honestly it would be such a shame let such a great mind go to waste and that was how my plan started. My plan included the words breaking out the cells and taking Ginger with me. I still call him Ginger because I never asked for his name. I didn’t want to know because then I might get attached. And rule number one in my life: Always have a carefully guarded heart.


I had lost many old habits lately. Such as tossing in my sleep, such as screaming in my sleep, and most important, I started smiling. I think I’m in love. But I didn’t want to tell her. She was so… carefully guarded. She was like a secret, and I wanted to know this secret.
♠ ♠ ♠
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