Carefully Guarded


Months. Months. That is how long Will has been searching the world for Flame. One day though he ambled into a bar, if memory serves right it was called “The Jolly Joe”. He went and plopped himself right down by the bar. A man with moderate build came up to me.

“What can I get you?” He asked politely. Will forced his eyelids open as he glanced up at the menu behind the man.

“Can I have a ginger ale?” he asked groggily.

“Sure thing sonny,” the man said cheerful.

“The name’s Will. Will Russell.” The man’s face suddenly got tight around the eyes before it relaxed and I wondered what would cause a look like that.

“Welcome Will. What brings you here, because your clothes clearly say that you’re new around here.”

“Oh, I’m meeting a friend,” Will lied easily. If these past months had taught him anything, it was to be as unnoticeable as possible.

“Really. What’s their name? I have an excellent memory, so I could possibly show them to you.” Will shifter uncomfortably as he knew he had been cornered.

“Uhh. I’m not sure,” because Will had never been told Flame’s real name.

“Really. It wouldn’t happen to be Flame would it?” Will gasped.

“Uh. I-uh. Nope. Why?”

“Because I know a lot of people named Flame,” The man snapped sarcastically. “Why do you think?” Will then realized what the stranger was saying.

“I think that someone asked for me,” Will leaned forward and said in a low voice.

“In so many words. She breezed through here a few months ago. Headed to her roots.”

“What’s your name?” Will asked a little bit louder.

“Parker in most places.” Will nodded satisfied.

“Well, Parker, take this,” and he slipped him a number, hastily scrawled on a napkin, “if you hear from her.”

“Aye aye. I will,” Parker said with a bit of irony in his voice. The truth is, Will reminds him of when he met Parker. Sure of himself, tired and sure of where he is going. As Parker kept an eye upon Will he saw that the boy was even as committed as Flame. He downed the ginger ale and immediately asked to see a computer so as to be on his way. Parker admired that particular trait, and as he waved the America bound boy out of his pub he silently wished him luck on his quest of finding the disappearing girl.
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Well this chapter is important. We know what continent Flame is on and we know that Will might just be lucky enough to find her. Oh, I even have the end written up so now I have something to aim for! Please continue with reading and commenting. I love my silent readers too!