Carefully Guarded


I stumbled through the streets of whatever city we were in now. It had been a long night, but the Carnival life was beginning to bore me. I didn’t mind the nomad part. It was the performing part. I had to win someone’s approval every time I got out and did what ever exotic dance was scheduled that night. I hated that. Hayley Flame was not born for gaining approval. I was born to my own drum, not that which lead millions of others!

I managed to make my way up to a coffee shop counter and I ordered a hot chocolate mocha and I then collapsed into a booth and I let my eyes flutter shut.


“Ma’am. Ma’am! You order is cold.” My eyes snapped open and I muttered a few of my most colored words.

“You fell asleep and no one could wake you.” I groaned and I asked if they could make me another one, and I offered to pay for both, but I was rebutted, saying that they had made extra in tips anyway. I was glad for some that rare generosity at this time. The circus has probably already moved on, tonight was our last night here.

“Are you in trouble Ma’am?” I looked up and saw for the first time who was speaking to me. A moderately tall girl with bushy hair that waved.

“Am now,” I muttered. “Nothing too serious,” I said to clear the worried look that came over her.

“You know, if you need some work, we have an open spot here. You’d have to work your way up, but it is a steady job with slight rises.” I considered her offer, but I saw one flaw with this.

“I don’t have any where to sleep.” The girl came up with a solution immediately.

“Crash with me. You can start paying a bit of rent when you get your first pay check. I’ve been looking for a room mate anyway. That way I can help you through all this,” and she gestured around the room when she said the last word. I felt my spirits rising and slowly my head started to nod of it’s own accord.

“You would do that for me?” I asked hesitantly.

“Sure thing! You seem pretty responsible to me anyway!” I couldn’t belive my luck! I mean this would be huge for me if this person would welcome me, but isn’t this a little, fast for people?

“I would love to, but I think we should be friends first. I mean you seem very nice and all but I really don’t want to intrude. I mean, I don’t even know your name!” The girl thought a little harder.

“Ok. Well, my name is Emma and how about you hang out with my friends and me tomorrow night. That way you could get to know our whole little gang before deciding I’m not a mass murder.” I smiled.

“That sounds…wonderful. Can I just sleep here tonight though?” Emma laughed.

“Don’t tell my boss,” and then she walked away and I fell back asleep feeling proud I had managed to find a friend of some sort, hopefully.
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