Carefully Guarded


I had lost many old habits lately. Such as tossing in my sleep, such as screaming in my sleep, and most important, I started smiling. I think I’m in love. But I didn’t want to tell her. She was so… carefully guarded. She was like a secret, and I wanted to know this secret.

I decided that it was time for us to leave. I had had enough. The first word out of Ginger’s mouth was Quid fit?. I chuckled because I knew what he had said. He had said “What’s happening?” in Latin. A rather interesting choice of words. My choice of words would be Qua sum EGO?. Translation: Where am I?
“We’re escaping today,” I told him boldly. “Just follow my lead and we’ll both get out ok.” He nodded eagerly. I heard the guard coming, the thudding of his foot steps awakening the instinct to guard myself. Time for phase one.
“Excuse me, I was wondering if I could get a drink of water,” I said my most flirtatious voice. The guarded smiled and nodded vigorously, eager to please. He brought me a glass and I hugged him through the bars, quickly snagging his keys. He blushed and I giggled, causing his blush to deepen. “What a strong man you are.” Ugh, gag me. I sound so stupid.The man didn't seem to mind though as he gave a noncommittal grunt and walked away, a new found spring in his step.
“You shouldn’t do that,” A voice rang out behind. I spun around with my hands on hips.
“And why not!” I demanded.
“Because it’s not morally right.” I smirked at the poor, naive guy.
“Good thing that my morals aren’t the best then isn’t it?” I said, half to Will, and half to myself.
“What about my morals?” he asked.
“Listen Ginger, morals don’t take the first seat when your escaping. All those escapes in movies are over glorified. They wouldn’t work in real life.”
“My name isn’t Ginger," he replied as if I hadn't just spoken.
‘”I don’t care. My life is so fast paced that I’ll only be a memory soon. Formalities aren’t important.” I said briskly.
“It’s Will.”
“Fantastic for you then.” I turned back to try to get the key into the lock by reaching through the bars and twisting my arm around. I heard the gentle, rusty click indicating that the door was newly unlocked. “Coming?” I asked Will.
“I suppose.” I rolled my eyes. Like he could get out without me.
“‘k, the rules are that you are to follow my lead and if you get caught I’m not coming back for you.”
“Harsh.” I nodded. I then continued my way through the underground network of tunnels. I had memorized my way out, I hope. “Why do you want out so bad?” Will asked, breaking what I though to be a comfortable silence.
“My own personal reasons,” I replied in a snappy manner.
“Such as?” he asked, trying to prod for answers.
“Things that obviously don’t concern you.” I answered smartly.
“They do now. I have no where to go to and since your setting me free, your gunna have to deal with me a little while longer.” I sighed. He had a valid point, I was letting him free into a world that had most likely forgotten him.
“Ok, what’s you story kid?” I asked in a condescending voice.
“How did you end up down there? What’s your story?” My back was toward him but I could almost picture a face screwed up in confusion.
“It’s rather long. Why don’t you let me tell you later?” I agreed and we walked on in silence. When we reached daylight I had to force Will to walk, because we are “innocent bystanders”.
“If we’re running we look suspicious. Another thing Hollywood screwed up. I mean really, who runs and draws supsion to themselves. Stupid”
“You know, your very irritable. I think it’s because you had a bad past and you’re trying to make everyone feel you pain,” he said in a knowing voice. I turned sharply around.
“Listen, I have had a rough past and I would appreciate it if you left that particular subject alone. Will smirked.
“Ok them Miss. Grouchy.” I sighed and walked briskly away. Maybe he would stay rooted to the spot.
“Wait up Grouchy.” Apparently I had no such luck.
“I have a name you know.”
“Do you feel inclined to share?” he asked in his already signature tone.
“Not really, but you can call me by my last name. It’s Flame.”
“Flame. I like it. Where are we going Flame?”
“I don’t know. I never know. I never was the planning sort.” At that Will actually laughed. We were walking a sort of power walk and he suddenly stopped. To laugh.
“You *laugh* made *laugh* a *laugh* joke *laugh*,” he said trying and failing to stifle his laugh.
“Yes, now can we go?” I asked in an irritable voice. Will nodded, not being able to speak, and weather he was laughing at me or my joke I don’t know. I turned around and continued to walk toward the ticketing office for trains I had just spotted in the distance. "Keep up, mini-me," and I continued on my way, enjoying the silence that my remark had earned me.
We were on the train when Will suddenly said, “Are you ever going to reveal anything about yourself beside the fact that you’re obviously running from something.?”
“Nope,” I replied looking out the window.
“You are so frustrating! You expect the world at your feet! Well it’s not!” I laughed without real humor in my voice.
“If only you knew the half of it,” I spoke in a whisper half to myself, half hoping he would hear.
“Fine. If you want to be totally unreachable, you’ve gotten your wish!” Will raged at me.
“I would tell you if it wouldn’t have catastrophic consequences. Listen, we don’t always have absolute free will. Sometimes our responsibilities are more important then our own happiness," I snapped at him.
“Do you always do this? Speak in code?” Will asked resentfully. I gave the same dry laugh from before.
“Yes. Always.” That made Will scowl even more. “You don’t have to stay with me.” Will mumbled something incomprehensible. “You inflict your torture on your self," I told him in a sing-song voice. He, once again, shut up. I sat back with a smirk planted on my face, and I enjoyed the comfortable silence all the way to the station.
When we got off the train Will pulled me apart from the crowd to talk to me.
“Listen, if we are going to be traveling together you have to trust me. You may not like it, but you have to. I already trust you because you got me away from that place, but you need to chill out. Ok?” I was shocked. This was the longest speech I had heard from him yet, and he trusts me. I was touched, and I wanted to deny it. Haley Flame shouldn't get attached, but I was. And it sucks.
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