Carefully Guarded


It’s been a long day. I’ve been listening to Will complain about how untrusting I am all day, and I’m extremely annoyed. I felt all my frustration boiling up inside of me and it needed out. I took off running when we had reached a street. I had planned this all carefully. I handed him instructions for how to survive with out me and I just ran and Will’s yelling voice was carried away on the wind. It felt nice, great even. I just couldn’t stand not going at this fast paced speed. I ran and ran and ran. Suddenly I felt the world go blurry and every thing started titling. A single word was wrenched from my throat as I fell to the ground and I passed out, unconscious. I screamed internally at myself for doing such a whimpy thing as pass out, but there was nothing I could do.

I woke with a start. I jerked up from the bed I was currently in. My forehead collided with another forehead.

“Ow!” the other person exclaimed. I realized that the other person was Will, and our faces were very close.

“Why are you here. I left you instructions. Clear instructions.”

“Do you not want me here?” Will breathed.

“No, I’m glad you found me but why did you follow me. Where are we?” I spoke barely above a whisper. I wasn’t used to the tingly sensation I was experiencing.

“We’re at my old house. They don’t even recognize me though. They think that you’re just a poor girl who collapsed on the street, which you are, and they think I’m your boyfriend.” He sighed a mournful sigh and got straight to business, pulling his head back.
“How are you feeling?”


“Sarcasm won’t help me help you.”

“How about this: I tell you how I feel and you tell me how you feel,” I said stubbornly. If he was going to force me to trust him, I needed some proof that this was a two way deal.

“I feel scared as heck that you passed out like that, now how do you feel?” I felt
touched that he worried about me, but it’s not wise for his heart. He’s a good guy and it’s not for me to break his heart.

“I feel tired and irritated that you didn’t leave, and kind of glad too,” the last part was mumbled.

“What was that?”


“Ok. Listen I need to…talk to you. We’re going to be traveling together for a while, because trust me, I’m not leaving you that easy, and I need to know about any… conditions you have.” I gulped. Could I trust him? Better to be safe the sorry.

“Nothing I can’t handle my self. I’m a big girl and I’ve survived for a while on my own,” I said, not unkindly. Will sighed in frustration.

“You’re impossible. It’s official! Look, it’s not just a random thing. It’s a ‘I need to be able to trust you’ thing! It’s an important thing!” I sighed. I hate it when people make me feel guilty.

“Look, I’ll be fine. If anything I need to know about you past. I’m the one who got you out of that prison!” I said in frustration, matching his tone. “I don’t even know why you were in there!” I exploded.

“Fine! I was in there because those guys were making some unwanted moves on my best friend, who happened to be a girl. I told them to back off, they didn’t listen so I threw a punch and told Kelsey to run, and she got away and I got made into a punching bag. Then they took me to their little lair and the boss was mad at them but took it out on me. My gut didn’t stop hurting for a month. And then after 1 year and 2 months in that stupid collection of cells they haul in this random girl who is just stupid enough to get me out.” Will had calmed down by the end and my hands were over my mouth. I felt sympathy for this man who ended his childhood so that his best friend could stay safe. “I never saw her again.” I hugged him. I don’t know why, I just did.

“Oh Will. I’m sorry. I had no idea.” Will hugged back and I could swear I saw a tear trickle down his face. “Fine I’ll tell you a little about me, but if what I tell you ever passes through your lips ever again you will have some major consequence.” Will nodded. I took a deep breath before telling him the simplest fact about me, “I used to live in a circus, but the fortune teller told me a- ah –scary piece of information regarding my future. I took the meager advice she could give me and ran away as soon as I could. I have enemies all over the world for stunts like the one I pulled in rescuing you. My life is complicated, but I can handle it.” Will had a smug look on his face like he had solved a particularly hard puzzle. “Whip that look from your face. I’m still me.”

“Anything you say Flame.” I stuck my tongue out at him as a women looking to be Will’s mother came in.

“How are you dear?” she asked.

“Fine. Just a little sleep deprived,” I answered. “It’s very kind to help us like this,” I added for good measure.

“Truth be told your young friend reminds me of someone, but I can’t place my finger on it, and you both look so innocent.” A doorbell rang out and our hostess excused her self to answer. Will and I got up to ease drop from the top of the stairs.

“Mrs. Russell. It’s been three years, today.” Will stopped breathing, I swear.

“It’s Kelsey,” he breathed.

“Dear, I have guests. I will come later, but first you must meet them. Please, come in.” I hurried back into bed while Will made to slid past the women as they entered. Mrs. Russell stopped him though.

“Kelsey, meet my newest house guests,” I saw confusion on her face as she looked at me, but it was replaced with disbelief when she saw Will.
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