Carefully Guarded


Six a.m. dawned and I was up promptly. I got dressed and wandered out into the bar area to find Parker, already dressed and wide awake.

“Parker, why are you so, so, so awake?” I demanded. He merely chuckled at me, walking through his morning routine of cleaning his counter. I noted his abandonment of the tables and I decided to take mercy on his customers. I yawned as I crossed the thresh hold of the storage room and quickly located the barely touched cleaning supplies for the tables.

I hummed as I set to work, efficiently wiping the thin layer of grim that accumulated on the surface I hadn’t gotten to yesterday. Parker basically gave me the run of the place, so I turned on my radio and lip-synced along as I wandered in the back room to replace my equipment. When I turned around I saw the largest dust bunny imaginable.

“PARKER! GET IN HERE PRONTO!” I yelled across the bar.

“What do ya want kid?” he answered in an “I could care less’ voice.


“Flame, I take of my bar and I don’t like to mess with eco-systems.” I scoffed at his response. Silly Parker, I should have known.

“Well, you shouldn’t have an eco-system in the BAR BACKROOM!” I ended on a yell, underlining my point that he should care. He probably won’t but, well, I try my best. I glided out, hands on hips and I cast Parker a stern look as the first customer I have ever seen in the Jolly Joe walk in, the bell ringing over head. Parker immediately snapped into his professional mode.

“Hi, I am Parker, your bartender for this morning. What can I get you? Coffee, Tea, Ginger Ale?” I had to stifle my laugh that begged to burst free. Parker was being serious. It’s a miracle I’m sure. As I turned away, laughing for the first time in months I might add, I though, “I love this place.” And that is the way that I want to be remembered as: Happy. Maybe I should just loosen up. Maybe I should be nicer to Will, I mean he does try. I suppose that counts for something. Right?
♠ ♠ ♠
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