Carefully Guarded


As Will packed up his things, Mrs. Russell wandered into his room, alarmed to see clothes flying into an opened suitcase.

“Sweetheart! What are you doing?” she asked, a tinge of hurt coloring his voice.

“I have to go,” Will replied as he flew around the room like a demon.


“Flame. She needs me,” he said shortly, totally consumed by packing at high speed.

“Yeah, since when. Sweetie, she left you,” his mom said softly. Will stopped dead spin-around.

“Huh?” Curiosity and confusion flickered across his face as he quickly ran a hand through his hair.’’

“Listen, if she left, do you really think that she’ll want you back?” Will then looked up with a terrible sadness on his face.

“I’m not sure it matters mum. Weather she needs me or not, I need her,” he stated with such seriousness that Mrs. Russell felt tears prick her eyes. A devotion like that hadn’t been revealed to her eyes in a while. "And I'm old enough to decide for myself, weather you like it or not," Will flung at her, suddenly fierce.

“Well, are you sure about this?” Will nodded. “Then I guess that the only thing left is to give you my blessing,” she sighed with a hint of regret. “I love you honey,” she said as she kissed his forehead before walking out to make him some food for the road, and Will returned to his frenzied packing, but not before he heard a surrpressed sob..
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Wow, this is possibly the shortist chapter I've ever written, but it's needed,charecter building and all. A better update is coming!