Sequel: Chasing our Fate

You Can't Fight Fate


When people think of Nicholas Jerry Jonas, the first thing they think is probably a young, good-looking, talented teenager who happens to be in a little band called the Jonas Brothers. Unless you live under a rock, you know their unearthly fame and accomplishment in the music world. Everyday they get up on stage in front of thousands of screaming fans and perform their hearts out, or sometimes wake up with hundreds of fans outside their hotel hoping to get a glimpse of them. I guess you could say they were…living the dream baby, living the dream. Of course, besides that fact that they get to make the music they wanted, and be influences to millions of people, they also had the little perk of being incredibly attractive. Which, in theory, meant that Nick could probably have whichever girl he wanted right? What if she was a fan? He did always say he wanted the girls he dated to be his biggest fans…

“You do know we’re going to be together and you’re going to fall in love with me?” I whispered in her ear.

She smirked at me, not believing my statement. “And you know this how?”

“It’s fate,” I stated as I began to play with the long chain she kept her apartment key on.

“Fate?” she questioned.

“Yeah…fate. After all, you can’t fight fate.” I replied.

She nodded her head, “I think I’d like to prove you wrong Mr. Jonas.”

I smiled and replied, “Try me…”

You know the old saying “you can’t fight fate.” Nick Jonas is about to put way my more meaning behind it than you ever thought. He may not be able to change fate, but he can sure try to convince Stevvie Jameson he can. Or can he…?
  1. The gang
    Northwestern University Wildcats.
  2. Truth or dare
    You, me, my apartment. ASAP.
  3. Burnin' up
    “If it will get you guys to get off my back…”
  4. Paparazzi
    “No...It’s okay. I’ll drive you home.”
  5. I don’t date rock stars.
    you know it’s that… well, thing.
  6. Queen Jealousy...or King?
    “Hey,” I replied as I let her go, “what’s up?”
  7. Chasing Fate
    "...and this is my eldest, Stephanie,"
  8. A Simple Twist Fate
    “Ney Hick…or, the other way around I think,”
  9. You've got to be kidding me
    “Dude, I’m going to let Nick live this down, you have to win!”
  10. Stupid bet
    “Oh, and have fun on your date.”
  11. Day 1
    “Nicholas, when is your girlfriend coming again?”
  12. Day 2
    “Hey, I didn’t wake you?”
  13. Me and Mrs. Jonas
    “I’ll be home around seven, okay baby?”
  14. intriguing heiresses
    "Dude, she’s the one..."
  15. Hollywood
    I stayed silent, knowing he wasn’t finished.
  16. Secrets
    “Nicky….who the hell is that?”
  17. Move on
    “Hey cutie,”
  18. PB&J
    “Uhh, right. Listen, Rachael…I might not be able to…”
  19. It doesn't matter
    “Daddy…I can’t…” I pleaded.
  20. Surprises
    I sighed, “Dad…I have friends over…”
  21. Olive and an arrow
    “You leave me hoping…praying,”
  22. Road Trip
    “Good lord! My legs are killing me!”
  23. Aliens
    My jaw dropped at his demands. Was he serious?
  24. Lullaby
    “I don’t want an explanation Nicholas,”
  25. Good luck
    “Good…I’m glad you came here…thank you for apologizing.”
  26. sweet nothings
    “Nick?” she whispered.
  27. Hickey
    “But, you want to be with me right?” I desperately asked, “You still want me don’t you?”
  28. Tutor
    “I’m just that kind of guy…” I shrugged, “so, when can I call you?”
  29. Questions?
    “Nick…that’s a lot to take in,” I replied honestly.
  30. Perfectly imperfect
    “I don’t want you to say it until you’re ready okay?” he stated.
  31. Paintballs
    “Now, to find that bonehead of a daughter…”
  32. You can't fight fate
    “Because…you love me and you’ll do whatever I say Nicholas,” I replied, mocking him with a shrug.
  33. A toast...
    “You really think we have the potential to make it dude?” Storm asked.