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Luna Addams is the only child of the Harbinger of Darkness, the one and only Grim Reaper. Raised in relative isolation in the depths of the Underworld, she has never seen the beauty of the mortal realm outside of the dark cover of the night her father travelled in, training the young girl to one day take her position as the next Angel of Death.

Content with her life, Luna gets the shock of her life when dear old dad suddenly decides to move them to the world of the humans, a world where rumours of hunters, humans who hunt down supernatural creatures for sport run rife through the resident communities.

Despite her reluctance, she finds herself making friends with the flamboyant Gavin and the blind Ruby, who has a strange knack for knowing the impossible despite her disability.

But soon, Luna encounters the local bad boy, Max Aldridge, a boy she is simultaneously drawn to and repulsed by. He is arrogant, rude and utterly irresistable, invading her dreams in every possible way from the very first moment. Max and his friends, the feme fatale Celeste, joker Jonah and playboy Brodie are notorious in the small town of Rosemore, both feared and admired by all.

When she uncovers their deepest secret, the world turns upside down, and everything she has ever believed to be true begins to crumble away...
  1. The Reaper Comes
    Luna Addams gets the shock of her life when her father drops a bombshell
  2. Friends, Enemies and a Fresh Start?
    Luna and Roger arrive at their new home, beginning their life in the mortal realm
  3. Beautiful Bad People
    The first day of school continues to be nothing like Luna expected, with the arrival of the towns resident rebels.
  4. Arrogant Irish Prat
    Luna encounters the school bad boy and undisputed hunk, Max Aldridge for the first time
  5. Dream Time
    Strange dreams lead to some very new questions, and Luna gets confronted by Sara.