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A Dream Come True


It was an ordinary day when I had the biggest shock of my life dumped on me. June 5th to be exact. I had just finished the school year and I came home very excited, but my buzz quickly dropped when I saw the look on my father's face. I then sat down to see what the problem was. Looking back I wish I had been a little later getting home. I wish I had gone out with my friends before coming home. There were many things I wish I could change about that night, like the words that came from my father's mouth.

"We're moving to Na tick, Massachusetts." My mouth dropped to the floor, almost literally. He couldn't do this to me! Not before my Junior year! I would be leaving all of my friends.

"Honey, I know this is hard for you, but I'm begging you not to make this a big deal. I know this will be hard, for both of us, but there is a complication. My great uncle died. He left me every thing, so we have to go out there for a few months to sort out his will and I can't leave you here. I'm not selling the house, but we might have to go out there permanently." I felt relived because of the possibility of coming back.

"I can't guarantee that I'll be happy, but I understand that there's nothing you can do," I spoke slowly and deliberately. I'm trying to be understanding but it's hard when all you know is being threatened. I stood and told my dad that I was going to bed and he recommend that I start packing. I nodded and made my way up the stairs. When I reached my brightly colored room I took a good look around. I took in the trophies on my shelves along with the books and CD cases. I looked at my favorite posters of Paramore, Owl City, Fall Out Boy and Green Day that were plastered all over my walls as realization sunk in: this is the start of a new beginning, a new beginning that I would be sure to fight
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