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A Dream Come True

Chapter 1

I had just finished packing most of my things and decided it was time to get some much needed rest. I dreaded putting on my pajamas and laying down in my small single bed. I knew that if I allowed myself any amount of time to think freely than the reality would finally hit me. I just laid there trying to keep my mind clear until I couldn't any longer. The sobs began silently and then got louder and louder until I had to smother my face with my pillow. I might be completely mad at my dad for moving us, but I couldn't let him see me like this. I cried and cried until I had no more tears left. I then slowly fell into a restless sleep


The sun light bounced off my brightly colored walls making my room look magical. I forced my eyes to open and sighed. I'm going to miss this room I thought before getting up and heading off to the bathroom. After I finished showering I went to my now almost empty closet and picked out white skinny jeans and a blue shirt. My hair was naturally straight so I just combed it and walked out of my room.

Once downstairs I went into the kitchen and began to make breakfast. I decided to just go with cereal today (I wasn't in the mood for cooking.) As I was pouring my wonderful sugary cereal into a bowl my dad came out of his room right on cue. "Good morning" he stated before pouring himself a bowl. I nodded at him glumly. He looked at me sadly and then stated "Ok I know your probably giving me the silent treatment, but I have some more news" Ohh great now he has more news! I thought to myself as I prompted him to continue. "Well I talked to the lawyers who are in charge of the will and we have to leave the day after tomorrow so we can get all the paperwork done on time" he stated.

"That sounds wonderful" I said in my normally sarcastic tone. He frowned at me as I placed my bowl in the dishwasher and walked up the stairs. "I really am sorry Andy!" he yelled after me. "Ok, I'm going to pack now" I replied frustrated. How was I going to get all of my things packed in two days!!? and how was I going to tell all my friends!!? "Ok this day officially sucks" I said to myself as I grabbed my phone prepared to call my best friend and tell her the news.
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