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A Dream Come True

Chapter 2

I called Ell strangely calm. Or I was, until I heard her voice. I knew that I would no longer be able to do all of the Girls Nights Outs that I loved, or the shopping sprees that we went on.
“Hello?” Ell spoke into her phone.
“Ell. I need to tell you something…face to face. Can you meet me in the park?” Something in the tone of my voice must have told Ell not to question why I need to speak to her so suddenly.
“Sure! I’ll be there ASAP.” We said good byes and I grabbed my converse and hastily threw them on. As I walked to the park I drank in all the sights that I would have usually over looked. I truly saw how beautiful my little neighborhood was. I even let out a small gasp at how much I would miss the park where so many memories were stowed. The swings reminded me of many afternoons swinging and competing against Ell to get the highest. The slide reminded me about how Ell and I met. I almost started crying again.
“Andy! What’s wrong?” Ell’s voice rang out.
“I-I’m m-m-moving.” The words felt wrenched out of me. Hearing them out loud made the feel even more real and I hated that.
“What!” incredulity coloring her voice.
“My dad inherited some estate and we have to go sort it out. We might never come back Ell.” I looked at her pleading for who knows what.
“Aw, Andy. Promise we’ll be friends forever, right?” I chuckled a watery chuckle.
“It should be me asking that question. Of course we’re friends forever!”
“Hey, when are you leaving?” I quieted.
“I have 2 days to pack.” Ell frowned.
“Well, then I guess that you have to get packing.” Ell stated sadly.
“Will you help? I can’t do it alone.”
“Sure thing honey,” and just like that the two of us got up and trudged slowly to my house. When we reached our destination Ell looked at my room and I could swear I saw tears spring to her eyes.
“You want to take care of the walls? I’ll get on my clothes.” Ell nodded and we set to work. It broke my heart to have to see all of my carefully put up pictures taken down. I had practically wallpapered my room with all of my colorful posters, the plentiful pictures of Ell and I with all of our other friends. My clothes were easier, emotionally. As I packed all the clothes the colors became a blur. After about an hour my father checked in on me.
“How are you ladies doing?” My dad asked.
“As well as we can.” I replied in a short tone.
“Can I get you anything Ell?” my father ignored my comment.
“No sir. I’m fine.”
“Ok then. Holler if you do,” and with that my father whipped out of sight and down the stairs.
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