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A Dream Come True

Chapter 3

Ell slept over that day and we had a giant movie night...for the last time. We laid down all of the pillows that I hadn't packed yet and enjoyed each others company....while we still had it. We both woke up that morning sprawled out over the floor. I felt something hit my face and I automatically jumped up. There stood Ell with a pillow in her hands and an evil smirk.

"You did NOT just hit me with that" I said with fake anger

"Yeah...I did, watcha' gonna do about it!!?" she taunted.

I grabbed a nearby pillow and chucked it with all my force at her. She lost her balance and fell right on her butt. We burst out into laughter and a giant pillow fight broke out. Finally we became to exhausted to continue and went downstairs for breakfast. I simply stuck a package of waffles in the toaster and five minutes later everything was done. As we sat down and began to attack our wonderful waffles something hit me.

Ell looked up in curiosity as to why I had become so silent. "I'm moving....tomorrow" I said barely above a whisper.

"Andy! don't be can still come visit, and we will talk every day!" she said trying to cheer me up. But even she couldn't hide the tears that ran down her face. My father came out of his room and saw us sitting in the kitchen. Once he got closer he noticed the little crying fit we were both having and quickly retreated into his cave....umm....I mean room.

" more being sad!...I want to enjoy my last day here!" I exclaimed. Elle nodded her head in agreement and we placed our dishes in the washer and headed upstairs to get ready for the day ahead.

Ell was wearing a light green tank top with denim shorts and I was wearing a purple tank top with dark wash denim shorts. I put on my green converse and she put on her white ones. We then ran down the stairs and I told my dad we were heading out into town. He agreed and we quickly ran out the door. We ran to the park and called all of our closest friends to tell them the news.

They all were shocked and wanted to hang out before I had to leave. I then had an idea. I told them that they should all come to the park and have a going away party. They all agreed and we went off to buy snacks and drinks.

~Later that Afternoon~

The party was going great. All my friends showed up and brought food and music. I was going to miss all of them and the party ended with a big group hug and a few tears. We cleaned up all the mess and I said my goodbyes. Elle promised to come by tomorrow and say goodbye.....for the last time. I then walked home alone with a genuine smile about how much my friends cared about me.

I walked in the door only to see all the boxes that indicated we were moving I ran up the stairs and jumped into my bed, the only comfort I had right now. I fell into a restless sleep that night and I hoped that I would just wake up tomorrow... and all of this would just be a horrible dream.
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