And Memories Fade

When sleep is out of reach

When I started to realize just how special Em was to me, I could never quite even comprehend our relationship. I already mentioned how much I valued the honesty and straightforwardness of our relationship. Sometimes I would sit in bed, waiting for sleep to come, and just analyzing my life. I would think of Em quite a bit on those nights. I would think about our long talks and unabashed truthfulness, and how still there were things I yearned to say to her that I just couldn’t put in to words adequately. Because I knew, if I had something important to say to her, I wanted to say it right. Because that’s what she deserved. Maybe everyone deserves just that from someone out there; either way, Em certainly deserved it from me. So I chose my words painstakingly when it mattered.

I miss those sleepless nights now. Partially because, as of late, I’ve been experiencing a lame imitation of them. Really they’re exactly identical, save the hope of seeing Em soon. And without that hope, those sleepless nights are heart wrenching.