Lethal Human


Paige's P.O.V

I was dreaming. The dream was peaceful but at the same time scary.
According to my family I was anemic so I got dizzy and passed out a lot. That wasn't true it was something else, I could feel that it was some thing else, something no one could explain...I was wrong though.

(School: Monday: morning)

"Paige!!...Paige! Wake Up!!" that would be my mother yelling for me.

"Mom it’s Only Five A.M."

"Yes but your forgetting school starts today and its a brand new school...jeez your one crabby senior!!" she was screaming at me while coming closer to my room then finally she slams open the door flips the light switch and squeals "GOOD MORNING STAR SHINE THE EARTH SAIS HELLO!!..Y’know I should quote Johnny Depp more often"

"Uh no mom you shouldn't"

"Ahh… PAIGEY CAKES!!!....why not"

"Oh dear god ok I'm getting up"

"Aha I did it got you up maybe I should do this every morning"

"Dear lord no"

"Fine bye" on that note she left my room so I could get changed.

i was on way to school in my big ole red truck down in Saint Petersburg, yep my mom decided to move all the way around the world. Which sucked. I was away from my friends and family. i hopped out of my truck and walked up the schools marble stone stairs. They were colored with greens, reds, purple's, burgundies, and orange to make a perfect Greek looking theme. It was beautiful. I felt a tap on my shoulder and I turned around to see a boy with blond hair bright sparkling green eyes and perfect pale skin.
He was all around perfect. Comparing him to me was horrible I wasn’t even close to perfect; I have short red hair blue, green, and gray eyes and olive skin.

"hello dear my name is Viper. May I ask yours"

"I'm not sure you wanna no it’s pretty plain compared to your name"

"Please!” excitement flashed through his eyes.

"Fine I'm Paige. Paige Danielle-Penelope Davila"

“Its a rather perfect name for you, but I shall call you Penelope"

"Ok" we walked into the school talking about our families, I told him I was anemic and he surprised me by saying he was to. We found that my first class was math, the same class as his. Well this going to be an interesting first day of school.