Status: Complete

Robbin' the Rich

Robin Loxley lost both parents at a young age. At age eight, he was taken in by his mother's Scottish relatives.

At seventeen, he joined Richard the Lionheart on his Crusade in Palestine.

Now, having returned to England for the first time since then, he discoveres his Saxon father's lands have been stolen by the Normans. His mother's murderer had been allowed to run free. The death of that man forces the plaid-wearing bowman to take up the mantel of 'Robin Hood', with his closest friend, a berserker named Much, by his side; both of them loyal still to crown and country.

Some months later, Maid Marian, runaway noble, and the niece of the King of England enters the scene.

Fleeing a marriage to the odious Sheriff of Nottingham, she ends up earning her living in a small tavern. Imagine what mayhem occurs when this head-strong lass encounters a daring rouge who sweeps her off her feet—literally.

Join Robin's merry band of mischief-makers and watch the barbs fly
  1. Prologue
    In the beginning...there was war
  2. Chapter One
    Several months later...
  3. Chapter Two
    A new path
  4. Chapter Three
    Of lineage, attraction, and learning.
  5. Chapter Four
    Reflections of wanting, the threat of expolsion and the singing of Prince John's faults
  6. Chapter Five
    The arrival of Alan-a-dale and pruient thoughts about waterfalls.
  7. Chapter Six
    The arrival of Gab--riel, would-be outlaw of Sherwood.
  8. Chapter Seven
    Tension, babies and the private realization of futility
  9. Chapter Eight
  10. Chapter Nine
  11. Chapter Ten
  12. Chapter Eleven
    Rated Mature, or R for a bad word, and a riske subject (oooh)
  13. Chapter 12
    Rated NC-17 for sexual content. Don't like, don't read.
  14. Chapter Thirteen
  15. Chapter 14
    In which each recieves his just desserts....
  16. Epilogue:
    The final chapter...kinda....