Pull Me In The Undertow.


I rolled over and pulled hair out of my mouth, hearing the rush of the ocean. I rubbed my face, pieces of sand crusted to my face falling off and crumbling onto my jeans. My head pounded relentlessly from the amount of alcohol I had managed to consume the night before and my breath smelled rancid, doused with morning breath and cigarettes. I reached towards my pocket for my cigarettes and pulled them out, realizing they were soaked. I groaned loudly, chucking them at the sand and remembering what had happened last night.

It was more so a blur, too much alcohol does that to you. I rubbed at my eyes again and got sand in them. With my eyes burning, I ran towards the water and doused my face. The water was freezing. I jumped back and pulled up my t shirt, rubbing my face, and felt the cold ocean spray on my stomach.

All of a sudden, I heard an ear piercing scream. I quickly let my shirt down and looked further down the beach, seeing Dallas with something in her hand, and her mouth wide open, screaming and cursing.

“Dude! Shut the fuck up, will you?” I screamed down the beach, looking around.

There were bodies all over the place. At least five or six of them, just strewn out. I wasn’t too sure if they were alive, or dead, or sick. They were just there, like someone placed them there. I started walking towards Dallas, who’d already managed to piss me off in the last ten seconds.

“Look at this!” She cried, holding up her beloved iPod touch, “Look what happened!”

“So what? It doesn’t work. Get over it. We just got a raise. Go buy a new one.”

“You’re such an asshole, Brian.”

“And you’re a whiny tit. Now shut up and help me wake everyone up.”

“Yeah, ‘cause that makes so much sense.” She muttered sarcastically.

I walked over to Dominic and kicked him in the side roughly. His eyes popped open and he put out a hand protectively, “Jesus! What the fuck?”

“See,” I smirked, “You don’t have to talk to wake anyone up.”

She shook her head at me and turned towards another couple of bodies. I walked further up the beach and shook Carrie by the shoulders, waking her up.

“What?” She snapped, turning to look at me, “What the hell? Why are we on the… What happened?”

“What? You don’t remember? That piece of shit yacht that our wonderful boss, Zack set us up with crashed under a little storm, so we lost everything and now we have to deal with trying to find a way to get out here. So get up, we could use you.”

Just then, Anna and Skylar walked around the corner, holding a bunch of useless looking shit.

“What the hell is all that?”

“We need to build a fort.” Anna stated, dropping her stuff, “So is everyone up, yeah?”

I turned around, seeing that mostly everyone was up on their feet by now.

“Alright everyone! Why don’t we all come over here and we’ll figure something out?!” I yelled, watching as everyone started coming towards me. We all stood in a small circle. I looked around, counting everyone.

Dallas, Carrie, Anna, Dominic, Skylar, and me.

“Okay, so does anyone know what the hell happened last night?”

“I can’t remember anything.” Dallas spoke quietly, clutching onto her stupid iPod.

“Well no shit. You were drunk ten minutes after we got onto the water.”

“Oh fuck you Brian!”

“You would.” I grinned slightly.

Skylar crossed her arms and rolled her eyes, “Jesus, you guys are real mature.”

I’m real mature?” Dallas asked.

“Yeah! That’s what I fuckin’ said!” Skylar yelled back.

“Guys! Guys!” Dominic yelled, getting everyone’s attention, “Shut the fuck up. Seriously. Standing on this stupid island in the middle of nowhere and arguing about stupid shit isn’t going to help anything. What we need to do is find some way to get the hell off this place.”

Carrie nodded, “Yeah seriously guys. Fighting isn’t going to get us anywhere.”

I looked over at Carrie, who was rather timid and shy. I never understood how the hell she wound up working at a godforsaken tattoo shop with a bunch of us morons.

“We’re a bunch of piercers and tattoo artists. There’s now way we’re going to be able to survive on this island. I mean, really? We don’t even have a phone.” Skylar muttered.

“Even if we had a phone it wouldn’t do us any good.”

She nodded , “Yeah I guess so. Anyone watch Gilligan’s island?”

We all laughed slightly, “That’s not going to help us at all.”

“Alright,” Dominic said loudly, “What we need to do is start collecting some stuff to build a fort. Carrie, you go with Skylar. Anna, you’ll come with me, and Dallas? You go with Brian.”

Before I could even manage to argue with Dominic, Dallas started whining about her stupid iPod again. I grabbed it from her and chucked it in the water, sick of listening to her whine.

“Let’s go find some fucking food.” I said.

“Of course you would say that.”

“Well, most people eat. Unlike you.”

“What the hell is that supposed to mean?”

“You’re gross looking.”

“You’re ugly!”

I looked down at her, glaring slightly and merely walked off, leaving her to fend for herself. If she wanted to eat, she’d follow me. I hated Dallas so much. She was so god damn immature, it made me want to kill her. I just wanted a coconut to fall on her head or something, put us both out of our misery.

I sighed loudly, kicking a clump of sand and raising my head to see nothing but clear blue sky. I’d learned to hate that sky.

I hated being on this stupid island. I didn’t understand what the hell we were doing on it. If we’d had a god damn quality boat to support us, we wouldn’t be stuck here.

This was fucking ridiculous.