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No Longer Saving Yourself

Everyone loves a good zombie story ;) Resident Evil/All Time Low fanfic. Awesome, right?

Contest Entry
  1. Alternative
  2. Step Carefully
  3. Resting/Distraction
  4. North
  5. A Shot Rang Out
    A lot of this is rewritten. You might wanna go back and reread!
  6. Super Hero/Ninja
    I really wanted to title this chapter tampons...
  7. A Little Late Christmas Shopping
  8. The Cure
    Caution: Strong Language
  9. Clean
  10. What's Next
  11. Ready! Set! Action!
  12. Seeing Red
  13. Almost chapter 13. Also known as 12b.
    I couldn't name it 13...duh!
  14. Unluck Thirteen
  15. The Return
  16. Let Your Guard Down