My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince

Meet the Montgomery's

Oh joy.
No really, this is just lovely.
She wants me to do Ballet?
As if four extra languages (Not including Spanish which I did in school), the piano, the voice, the violin, the flute and the extra extra AP classes wasn’t’ enough?
She wants me to do bloody BALLET?
My mother must be shitting herself.
“No” I said to the woman infront of me. Honestly I can NOT believe we share blood because if she did there was no possible way she could delude herself into thinking she could make me do Ballet…blech!
“You’re doing Ballet Luciana whether I have to drag your dead body to class so you ghost can learn”
Blunt isn’t she?
“Dad please!” my father just shook his head, which wasn’t surprising, he didn’t even bat an eyelid at what my mother ever made me do. Oh Lucy how about we ask Mr Varner to increase your already doubled mathamatics work to triple so you can do it after you come home from your 9km run every afternoon?
And now it was Lucy! How about we make you do Ballet lessons on top of everything else you do! Then we can see how long it takes for you to finally crack or untill there are visible amounts of grace returning to you!
This woman could not possibly love me.
I mean yes I had done ballet but that was when I was four! And I even continued until I was twelve or something! But now? And I loved Dancing more than anything butAt the age of seventeen? I don’t think so.
“You can’t make me” I said
“Quite the contrary” I groaned. I did not have time for this.
I actually didn’t, I had about ten minutes to do my quadroupled homework so that I could get in time for my violin lesson and then go to play finals for hockey (of which I was the captain of my team). That was probably why my mother won most of these battles. I just couldn’t shout back at her because I didn’t have the time!
“Fine” I said to her hotly.
Just then the phone rang and my father picked up.
“Ahh Fredrick!” Instantly my mother turned to my father. “…Really? That will be wonderful, I’ll break the good news to her….yes….Of course you can come this afternoon!” my father said turning to my mother whose eyes widened “Yes… I’ll tell her this evening, she’s tunred out quite lovely actually!” my father said looking at me. I was confused “Alright, say hello to Eloisa for me, see you soon then Fredrick” my father put the phone down.
“What was that about?” I asked. My mother turned to me.
“Go to your room Luciana and do your homework” I sighed and raced upstairs. I started on my Advanced Calculus work. I checked the time when I finished. 10:20am it was time to go to Violin. As I went downstairs I heard my mother on the phone.
“No Mr Graccini it’s not your teaching! In fact we will recommend you to all our friends, it’s just that Luciana won’t be attending class today”
My mother was cancelling my Violin lesson.
My mother never cancelled anything! Not even when I was on the verge of a breakdown a month ago I still had to do everything!
“Hey mum It’s time to go” I said putting on a jacket.
“You’re not going to class today Luciana we’ve got much to do, there are VERY important friends of your father’s coming this evening and you have to look your absolute best!”
♠ ♠ ♠
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