My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince


Wow guys, what can I say? I think it's been well over a year now since I've been on mibba - and I'm on right when it's exam time as well (nice work venus!!). Reading back over my story I've realised just how bad the punctuation and grammar is - so I'm so sorry for that but I'm not really upto editing right now :P
To make up for it I'm going to be posting a whole lot of chapters! Stick by me guys, thanks for all the supportive comments - and I hope you enjoy!



We stopped infront of two double doors that were wide open.
They led into the hall wear there was loud music and dancing. Somehow Eloisa managed to evade most of the crowd and make her way to her table but I got stuck between people.
“Excuse me, sorry, coming through” I muttered to people I had no idea where it was that I was going. I looked around and saw that I had just successfully walked across the floor, I was in the same, just on the other side of the room.
“Need help?” a voice asked. I turned. There was a male in his early twenty’s smiling at me.
“No” another voice said walking up. It was Dain “She’s with me Steel” The one named Steel smirked
“Whatever you say little brother” he wandered off. Dain took my hand while I was still confuzzled – Dain didn’t have a brother!....did he?
“Let go!” I moaned “That hurts” I said talking about his hard grip on me. He groaned and let go of my hand.
“Stay here and don’t wonder” I pouted and crossed my arms as he walked off to say something to his father who then got up and looked angry. He then seemed to look around the hall, Dain said something again and then his father sat down. I looked around the hall when I saw someone.
“Jace!!” I called. Jason turned and saw me grinning. He walked over.
“Hey Luce you look HOT!”
“I know right” I said spinning.
“You wanna dance?” He asked as soon as a new song came on, I stole a quick glance with Dain who was still talking to his father, he wouldn’t mind – I was only with Jace. I grinned.
“Sure” We made our way to the dance floor, the music was Mexican of some sort, but Jace and I danced a cross between a tango and a waltz.
The main beat started and I place one arm on Jace’s shoulder and another in his hand. I twirled and moved my feet perfectly. I slid a foot in a circle and hooked it around Jace’s calf pulling my other leg out. He caught me by the waist and spun me. Again we steped back to the start. We spun around the room, with me leading. We were grinning at eachother.
“You still haven’t lost it Luce” I smiled wider
“You’re just saying that”
“No I’m not, look around” I did and I noticed that people had stopped dancing and were staring wide eyed at us. The music stopped and there was a round of applause. I turned to see Dain who looked as though he was choking on his drink staring at me and Jace.
“Let’s go” I said and Jace and I walked off the dance floor.
“I thought I told you to stay there” Dain said walking upto me.
“Chill man” Jace said “She was only with me”
“She’s my fiancee Jason, don’t forget that. What do you think everyone will be thinking if you start dirty dancin-”
“We were not dirty dancing!” I said to Dain.
“Shut up! You want the whole world to hear?!”
“Just chill dude” Jase said shaking his head. He slapped Dain on the back in a friendly way.
“I am going to go and get myself a nice Vodka Cosmo”
“Jason” I said firmly
“Just one mother…or two, besides I see a rather attractive blonde over there who’s basically calling out to me”
“Are you sure you didn’t just catch your reflection Jace?” He grinned wider and walked away.
A new song started to play.
“Don’t think I’m going to dance with you” Dain said
“I’d rather eat puke” I started to turn just when I heard Louise.