My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince


“MY BALL!” He called. The goally hit the goal strait towards him. This time his team got the goal. Whatever my team hit they would keep winning back. Jace and I had a system working, also making sure that we weren’t hogging the ball. In the middle of the game my cell phone rang. The ball wasn’t near me so I didn’t have to worry. I picked up the phone and made sure I was watching at the same time.
“Honey where are you?” It was Louise.
“Oh hi Louise, I’m playing hockey”
“Oh…alright, would you mind coming up? Your school stuff has arrived”
“Um, alright, would it be possible for me to- OW!” The hard hockey ball whacked into my converse. I looked the direction it had come from and I turned to Dain who was smirking.
“Are you alright honey?”
“Yeah I’m fine, I’ll be right up”
“Thankyou” I put my phone in my pocket and whacked the hockey ball straight back at Dain with even more force. It hit him on his shin.
“FUCK!” he called. Then he hit the ball straight back at me, it hit my arm.
“WHAT THE HELL?!!” I could already feel my arm bruising. I wacked the ball right back at him, the ball aimed at his face. He dodged but not before the ball whacked his shoulder.
“STOPPIT YOU TWO!!” Jace shouted. “YOU ACT LIKE FREAKING 6 YEAR OLDS!” I turned away from Dain walking back to the house. I picked up my book. Then I realised I was still carrying the hockey stick.
“OH, I FORGOT!” I hurled the hockey stick back aiming for Dain again. He saw and took a step back with the hockey stick literally landing exactly where he had just been standing. “WELL BYE!” I said happily and I sprinted off.
“Well I guess that was her way of payback” I heard Gray say just before I was out of hearing distance. I laughed quietly. Yes it was. He tried to hit my face in with a basketball, it only seemed fair to return the gesture.
When I reached the house Louise was already waiting out front.
“Hi honey, your stuff is here, I think it’s about time that you got your bag ready for school and you also missed lunch so if you want you can have an early dinner.
“Thanks Louise” We walked up to my room. Lying on the bed was a pile of stationary, textbooks, files and also a brand new laptop with a red back.
“Louise…you shouldn’t have, I already have a laptop”
“Please darling that’s so last century, this Sony Vaio can hold up to 400 gigabytes of memory, it’s sleek, light, all the newest software, registered to every single educational website you can think of, already logged onto our wireless system and also has several fun games” I looked to Louise and gave her a hug.
“Thankyou, for trying to make all of this better for me”
“Not a problem dear, would you like dinner in your room today?”
“Yes please, I’ll get ready for tomorrow”
“Okay, I’m sure there are some bags you can take for tomorrow, oh…I almost forgot” She turned around and handed me something.
A key.
A car key to be exact.
“Oh my goodness, Louise, I can’t take…”
“Yes you can, I’ll ask dinner to be brought up in an hour, maybe you’d like to go for a drive” Louise left the room. I raced down the stairs and went to the front door. I opened the door and ran straight into Dain and Jace. I smiled widely.
“Come on! Come on!” I said dragging them both down.
“What the hell? Are you bi-polar woman?” Dain asked
“Just come!” I sprinted around to the door of the garage, Dain and Jace following leasurely. “Whats the code?” I asked. Dain groaned and walked up, he typed in 6 numbers. 120243 and the garage opened.
There had to be atleast fourteen cars. I clicked the remote control button and I heard a ‘Beep Beep’ and two lights flash.
“Holy Mother of Crap”