My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince

I Like Shiny Toys

“Holy Mother of Crap” I said walking up to the beautiful red Lexus. “This has to be at least $100,000! It’s a 2009 model” I jumped into the driver’s seat feeling the steering wheel. The couches were the most gorgeous leather.
“Sweet!” Jace said getting in the seat next to me. “Let’s go somewhere”
“Hey Dain! You know that place at that thing!”
“No, I don’t and I’m not going anywhere” Dain walked off.
“I swear he has a pole up his ass all the time” Jace said, I giggled. “How about we drive up to my house? You haven’t seen my parents yet!”
“That’s a great idea” I put the key in the engine and the car turned on, making a soft pur. I carefully reversed out of the garage and drove out of the gate.
Less than twenty minutes later we were at Jace’s house and to say his parents were surprised to see me was a serious understatement. I hung out at Jace’s for about an hour before I drove back home alone. I parked the car and ran into the house. It was getting dark out, there were two things in this world that I was absolutely terrified of. Being alone, outside in the dark and heights, not normal heights but the big ones. Like once we went on this tree top walk and I was literally shaking the whole time. I had never ever been good with heights. I raced up to my room. Dain was sitting at his desk doing something stupid. I walked into the wardrobe and checked all along the top for a back.
Chanel, Gucci and Armani.
It took some time but I found a Gucci one that carried all my stuff. Luckily the new school didn’t have a uniform, so I got out a pair of jeans, converse, a top and a thin jacket. After all it was going to be hot. I looked over to see Dain, he was sleeping on the couch. Guess he really didn’t want to repeat last night. I changed into my pyjamas because I found the bottoms and then got into bed.
I was asleep before my head hit the pillow.