My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince

Dain Windsor aka F-ing hot Greek God

“You see Fredrick and Eloisa Windsor are the King and Queen of Malta,” I froze. I waited for my father to say APRIL FOOL’S but of course it wasn’t even April and they weren’t fools “Which would make their son Daniel the Prince…” I wasn’t stupid, I caught on.
They wanted me to become a princess?
And get married?
And produce heirs?
With someone I didn’t even know?
Who was Maltese?
Wasn’t Malta somewhere in the Medditteranean sea?
Wasn’t that 7500 miles or more from the United States?
“NO!” I shouted. Everything came out so fast “Iamnotgoingtogotosomestupipdplaceinthemiddleofthemedittereanianandthengetmarriedandwasteawaymylifeastepaftersomeking” I took a breath “NO! I draw the line, I have let you wear me out, tripple my homework, get me into things I never wanted, I have let you ruin my chances of having a normal life, my only good friend is Lizzie but I NEVER get to see her because of everything you put me through and now you tell me you want to get me MARRIED?!”
“We’ve brought you up for this Lucy, they even helped pick out your name”
“What?” I tried to shout but it came out as a teary whimper “You’re saying I was…bred…For the sole fact of becoming a princess? I was brought up….for this…guy?” It all made sense - why else whould anyone want to make their daughter learn Maltese and about political studies of the countries around the mediteranean sea?
I was born…to become a wife!!
I had no life, there was no point to me!.
I burst out in tears and raced up my room and slammed my door. I turned my IPod on loud so I couldn’t hear anything.
I was surprised she even gave me two minutes for myself. I suppose that was a stretch considering whenever this happened she’d be in my room ten seconds later dragging me by the ear.
The door burst open revealing a fuming mother.
“Get up, turn that stupid thing down, fix your make up and come back down” she stared at me menacingly. I did as she asked and I came back down looking as though I had never burst out in tears except for the fact that my eyes were still slightly red and my dress had a few tear stains that were drying quickly.
I hate them.
I hate them so much.
All this time I thought that they did all these things for me because they actually wanted me to become great.
Obviously not – it was so they could get money and power through me.
I hated them so, so much.

The door bell rang and my mother went to answer it, she told me to set the table. I heard voices, laughter and slapps on the back.
“So where is she?” asked a man, he had a slight accent but it was a cross between one I couldn’t depict, a British one and an American one.
“She’s inside” said my mother “You’ll love her” I noticed how she spoke about me like I was an object. “So ths is Daniel? My, hasn’t he grown?!”
“Dain” the older man said “That’s what we all call him”
“Dain, that’s lovely, please come inside and sit down” my mother said, I could here them taking them into the sitting room. “Lucy!” my mother sing song called as though the whole event of me crying had never occurred “Our guests are here come meet them” I took a deep breath and walked with the bowl of chips to the sitting room.
“Your majesties, Mr and Mrs uh…” I realised I didn’t know their last names
“Windsor” the woman added “But please call me Louise”
“And myself Fred”
“It’s nice to meet you”
The man did not seem fully Maltese, he had a splash of American or Brittish in him that was evident and the woman was definitely fully American. I turned to the younger man opposite them. He looked about eighteen or nineteen and I took in a breath - he was definite eye-candy. His hair was a dark brown and he looked mostly American except for that gorgeous tan he must have gotten from his Meditterenean side. He was wearing a plack butten up t-shirt (the type that always made guys look hot) and a pair of jeans that went with it well.
What a body…
I ignored my lesser side and sat down away – far away from the rest of them.
“So Luciana-”
“Lucy” I corrected
“Lucy” Eloise said “Tell us about yourself? Do you enjoy school?” What could I say to that? Yeah I did until my mother somehow replaced all my good subjects with Political studies and Advanced Chem and Latin.
“Yes I do” I said simply. My mother decided it was her job to elaborate.
“Lucy is very much interested in many subjects, I’m sure David has e-mailed to you a list of many of her achievements”
“Yes he has and we are surprised” Loise said turning to me. “You really know five languages?” I nodded
“Maltese, Latin, French, Italian and German”
“So speak with us in Maltese” Eloise challenged in her mother tongue.
“I hope my accent is not horrible” I replied in the language.
“No actually it is quite good, so tell us do you enjoy Maltesian?”
“It is difficult, but a lot like Latin”
“Of course, that is where it is rooted from” she stopped speaking in Maltesian “Your daughter is very fluent” she said. My mother looked radiant.

“Dinner is ready” Gustavo said just walking in. We got up and moved towards the dining room. As we sat down I served everyone avoiding the chicken until my mother cleared her throat. I pretended not to notice.
“Does Lucy not eat meat?” Fred asked
“She does but she’s going on a two hundred and fourty one day strike to make a note on vegetarianism but she will quit now”
“Mum!” I was not going to let that one hundred and ninety eight days go to waste!
“Don’t ‘mum’ me Lucy” I sighed and put a piece of chicken on the plate but all through the time I was eating it I was thinking of how the poor animal died. After dinner we went back to the sitting room for dessert.

“Well I gues it’s now time to go” Fred said. He and his wife got up.
“Lucy still has to pack” my mum said.
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