My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince

Lana's Ass

I followed the sound of voices and opened the door. There were all those guys that I had seen before and Dain, who had a very fake looking girl on his
That’s right on his lap, he was just frech kissing her in front of all the guys who looked as though they saw this everyday.
Then one of the guys looked up and saw me. His eyes widened.
“Uh, Dain” he said. Dain pulled his lips off the girl with a suction pop.
“Who’s she?” Said the girl in a really high pitch squeaky voice.
I heard footsteps behind me and turned. It was Dain’s father, Fred.
“Fuck” the girl said getting off Dain’s lap and grabbing various parts of clothing that were thrown on the floor, then she ran past us and down the corridor as fast as her little ass could carry her.
“DANIEL!” I was never so scared in my life. Frederick’s eyes turned into menacing slits, his voice echoed all around the room. His face was turning a colour I had never even known possible on someones face.
Just then, my phone rang.
From pindrop silence I heard the ‘ring ring’ ‘ring ring’ noise. It rang about three times before I finally decided to pick it up.
“Hello?” I said into the phone.
“Hey Luce” There was only one person in the world that called me Luce.
“Hey” I said with a bit of relief, I walked out of the room and into the corridor. “What’s up Jace?”
“Nothing, I’m about to go over to a friends house now, I tried calling home but your parents said that you were out, where are you?”
“You wouldn’t believe if I told you” I chuckled. Jason and I were exceptionally close, we’d known eachother since Pre-K. Both of us had really controlling parents but we had a lot in common too. Jason was like my brother, he always was there for me whenever or wherever. Until he left anyway, I remember I cried for three days when he told me, I was so bad that my mother even cancelled my lessons for a whole morning. We still spoke though, on a regular basis.
“Try Me”
“No it doesn’t matter, how are you?”
“Same old, nothing happening but I have to ask are you going to be dancing in The new Production back home?” It was funny, even though Jason had moved…well I didn’t know where he had moved to…he always referred to our neighbourhood as ‘back home’.
“Not this year, I had to cancel something”
“So you gave up the only thing you actually wanted to do?” I had to give up Dancing so that I could fit in everything else my mother wanted of me.
“What would you do Jace?”
“Rebel” I smiled to myself, if Jason wasn’t a genious like he was then his parent’s would have disowned him by now, When they made him move the condition was that he would have freedom, eventually he won.
“Luciana” Said a voice from behind me.
“Oh hey Jay sorry but I have to go”
“No probs Lu I’m at my friends house right now, I’ll talk to you soon okay?”
“Love you Jason”
“Love you Luce” We hung up and I turned to Mr Windsor.
“Who were you speaking to Lucy?”
“A friend”
“A male friend?” that bugged me
“Yes a friend, but I never sit on the couch in front of all my friends kissing him” I mean sure Jace and I went out for a year but we weren’t the type who openly showed their relationship. Later we decided it wasn’t going to work that way, I thought of him as too much of a brother.
“I’m sorry about Dain. Trully, he just needs time getting used to the idea, I’ve already warned him” he eyes his son who was looking at me with absolute disgust. “I don’t think that we will be seeing Miss Lana Saas any time soon”
Haha that was funny Lana’s Ass…
“That’s fine…” I trailed of as I saw someone walking through the opposite door entering the sitting room. He had blonde hair and light hazel eyes. His structure was muscular and he was wearing jeans and a sleevless shirt which showed his arms off.
“Jase!” Dain said giving the boy a high five. It couldn’t be… no way… my Jason would not be idiot enough to hang out with a guy like Dain…but he looked a lot like…
Oh my god.
♠ ♠ ♠
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