My Arranged Marriage to a Normal, Up Himself Prince

Jodie's My Girlfriend. Awkward.

I was looking at the date of my last post
it was 2009!!!
and I'm sooo INSANELY SORRY!! that I have not posted in so long! I went on a holiday after I posted the last chapter and I just never got back to it.

Anyways, hope you enjoy :)

Oh my god.
“He Dain, where’s the Fiance?” The guy turned to me “Oh hey I’m Ja-…” He looked at me properly and his eyes widened and a grin spread across my face.
“JASON!” I shouted and ran over and jumped up onto him. He caught me and I wrapped my legs around his waist.
“Oh my god! LUCE? What are you doing here? Wait…” he turned to Dain and the other guys who were gobsmacked. “You are Dain’s Fiance?” I nodded sadly. That’s when Jase put me down and took Dain by the neck of his shirt.
“What do you think you are doing getting married to her!?” He practically screamed.
“Jason what the hell man?” he let go and turned to me.
“Okay Lu, I have watched your parent’s order you around tell you what to do, where you can go, but this? This is just out of Line!”
“Why are you getting all fucked up about a girl?” Dain said. Jason grabbed Dain by his shirt again and his voice was deatheningly low.
“Don’t speak to her like that again or I swear you will wake up breathing through a tube”
“Would Anyone like to explain to me what is going on?” Fred said clearly rattled by my closeness to Jace. Jason came back and put an arm around my shoulders.
“Nothing, Jason’s my best friend, I haven’t seen him for almost four years now”
“I would prefer it if you were not so close” My eyes narrowed. This was close? Or had the man not seen his spawn of a child? Fredrick sighed. “Well I suppose I can’t do much, I have some work to attend to, I’ll see you all later” he walked away only after glaring at Dain.
“Wait, so my best friend is my Fiance’s best friend?” Dain said trying to understand. Jason nodded easily. “What the hell? Why did you never tell me?”
“I didn’t know! Is that what you were just talking about?” I nodded, how was I supposed to explain to him I was getting married? It wasn’t exactly on my list of telling people, I didn’t want anyone to know. “You can’t marry Dain! You’re too good for him!”
Dain scoffed.
“Thankyou for that Jason” he said
“I’m serious, Lu you deserve better”
“I’m a prince” Dain said “What more do you want?”
“Anyone but you would be fine actually” I said.
“What did he do to you?” Jason asked glaring at Dain. Dain knew about Jace’s muscles, I mean sure Dain had the same amount but when Jason was protecting me there was no stopping him.
“Nothing, it’s fine”
“Yeah see”
“Dain if you want to be able to have kids you better shut up”
“Oh please Jace do whatever you were going to do, I don’t want to have kids with him” Jason’s face lost colour. “Oh God, bad thoughts” I muttered imagining Jace thinking of what I just said.
“Whatever” Dain said “You’re just a chick” I raised an eyebrow
“God you’re such an Ass hole! You think us girls are just toys”
“Well you are, all you do is whine and cry when you break nails”
“Wait, fine what?” asked Jason
“I mean fine, bring it, whatever you do, it’s on” Dain raised an eyebrow
“Are you challenging me”
“Yeah I am, whatever, climb the empire state builiding, bunjy off the Eifle Tower, I don’t care but if I win you stop giving me shit”
“And if I win?” I shrugged
“I wouldn’t worry much about figuring that out, the chances of you beating me in anything are 1 in 100”
“I still have the 1” I hadn’t noticed Dain walking closer to me all this time there was three centimetres diference between us. My deathly glares weren’t as effective as I would have wanted because my eyes only came to the bottom of his chin. Not to mention whenever I looked up I would keep getting sidetracked by those gorgeous ocean blue eyes.
“Guys I’m not sure this is the best Idea” One of Dain’s friends said.
“Hell no I’m all for it!” Jason grinned “I haven’t see anyone woop Dain’s ass in a long time, and the one person who can is Lu, I’m not going to pass this chance up”
“Fine” Dain said still glaring at me. I could feel his hot minty breath against my face “Bringit, let’s go to the Skate Park and call Jodie”
“Who’s Jodie?” I asked
“Jodie’s my girlfriend”