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Break Apart My Heart

Chapter One

“Nicollette Angelina Haner, hurry up! Kim’s here!” My mother’s voice rang through the house like a string of wrongly hit piano keys. She’s a soft-spoken woman by nature, so when she yells, it just sounds off.

“Coming!” I yelled back, grabbing my purple book bag.

I sped out of my room, colliding with my older brother, Brian. Luckily for him, the middle school is closer than the elementary school, so he can leave later.

“Whoa, slow down there, kid. You almost tackled me!” He smiled.
“Sorry Bri, moms yelling at me.”
“Yea, I heard.” He smirked. “Is that my shirt?”
I stared down at the oversized Pantera shirt and smiled weakly.
“Is that a yes?”
He sighed. “You can wear it, but if you get in trouble don’t blame me.”
“I won’t!” My eight year old eyes shone with excitement; this is the first time he hasn’t yelled at me for wearing his cloths.
“Anything else of mine you want before you go?” He asked sarcastically.
I nodded, not catching on.
“And what would that be?”
I pointed to the Fedora he adorned. He reached up and took it off, glancing between it and me. After a few moments he rolled his eyes and smirked, placing it on my head.
“This is a one day deal here. I’m only letting you wear it because it’s you’re first day of 4th grade.” He smiled. “Are you excited?”
I nodded my head vigorously. “Amy and me both got Ms. Anderson.”
“Nicollette!” My mother yelled.
“She’s coming!” Brian answered for me. “Hurry up kid.”
“Bye Brian!” I yelled.

I descended the staircase into the foyer, where my mother stood impatiently with her arms crossed, and her foot tapping the wooden floors.
“It’s about time.” She scolded, glimpsing at my attire.
“Sorry mommy.”
She sighed heavily. “Nikki, why do you insist on wearing you’re brother’s cloths? We bought you so many pretty outfits last week.”
“Those are ugly. Why can’t I have cloths like Brian?”
“Because their not lady-like.” She explained to me, for maybe the millionth time in my life. “Well, you have no time to change. Kim is outside waiting for you.”

I ran through the doors and climbed into the backseat of Kim’s Toyota. Amy turned her head to see me from the front seat and smiled.

“Are you picking the boys up after school?” Kim called out the window towards my mother.
She nodded. “Then I’m swinging by to get the girls.”
“Are Amy and Matt coming over today, Kim?” I asked, smiling from ear to ear.
“Yes sweetheart. Gary and I have plans for tonight.” She smiled back at me. Waving to my mother, she pulled out of the driveway and made our way to the school.


School went by fairly easy, since it was our first day. The teacher gave us minimal work, but work none the less. I was in the middle of doodling around the math worksheet we were given when Amy tapped my shoulder; she’s seated next to me.

“Do you think Zack’s coming over?” She questioned.
“Probably, why?” I eyed her suspiciously. Her cheeks turned a light shade of pink; barely noticeable, but she’s my best friend. I notice everything. “You like him!”
“No I don’t! I was just wondering!” She covered.
“Am I gonna have to watch you drool over him if he is over?” I teased.
“Oh please, like I don’t have to watch you drool over Matt!” She shot back.
“Girls, please quiet down or I’ll have to move you’re seats.” Ms. Anderson cut in.
“Sorry Ms. Anderson.” Amy and I replied in Unison.
I glared at her. “You got me in trouble!” I whispered.
“Did not!” She whispered back.
“Did too!”
“Did not!”

The day ended quickly and before we knew it, we were racing to my mother’s car.
“Hi mom, Hi Matt.” I greeted, sliding into the backseat with Matt. Amy followed behind shortly.
“What, no hello for you’re favorite brother?” Brian pouted. “And to think, I let you wear my Fedora.” He snatched the hat from my head and placed it back onto his.
“I’m sorry favorite big brother, who, when I’m rich and famous, I’ll buy a huge house for!”
My mother chuckled.
“Well, okay.” He smirked, placing the hat back onto my head from the front seat.
“Hey, what does you’re best friend get?” Matt asked.
I thought for a moment. “I’ll get Amy a house, too.”
He mock glared at me. “You better not forget about me when you’re famous, Colie.”

Colie. He’s the only one who’s aloud to call me that. Jimmy tried once, and I tackled him to the ground. I’ve got a lot of might for a 9 year old.

“I could never.” I smiled at him.
Amy nudged me and made a kissy face. Thankfully, he wasn’t looking.
“So how was school?” My mother asked.
“Nikki got me in trouble!” Amy tattled.
“What did you do, Nicollette?” She asked. She only called me that when she was aggravated with me, if you couldn’t tell already.
“We were talking loud because she lov-” Before she could finish, I stuck my hand over her mouth.
“We were talking loud and the teacher yelled at us.” I covered.
My mother sighed. “What am I going to do with you?”
“Buy me things?” I suggested.
Matt and Brian chuckled, and my mother glared at the two of them.
“Don’t encourage her.”

We pulled up to my driveway and Amy and I raced into my room, tossing our bags onto the floor. I kicked my shoes off and sat on my bed, watching as Amy brushed her long brown hair in my vanity mirror.

“You’re so lucky.” I sighed.
“Why?” She asked, looking at me strangely.
“Because you’re hair is so straight and pretty.” I frowned, tugging on a long black curl that hung from my head. It’s always a mess of curls, and pretty impossible to deal with.
“I could make yours straight.” She smiled, her eyes gleaming.
I knit my eyebrows together. “How?”
“My mom’s hair is curly, like yours.” She stated. “But she has this iron that straightens it. She lets me straighten her hair sometimes. If you’re mom has one, I can do yours!”

I smiled from ear to ear, dragging her into my mother’s room, and into her private bathroom. We rummaged through her cosmetics and hair supplies before she pulled out a red iron. The inside of it was flat. I took a seat on the stool in front of the large mirror while Amy plugged the device into the wall. A few minutes later the iron had heated up, so Amy placed a clip in my hair to … I guess make it easier? Who knows.

“OH! We should do our makeup, and put on dresses too!” Amy beamed, pulling the straightener through my curls. We really are like sisters; complete opposites, but we love each other regardless.

“I don’t wanna wear a dress.” I complained.
“Okay, I’ll wear a dress. Can I do you’re makeup then?”
“Why?” I moaned. “I don’t want to.”
She sighed, and rolled her eyes. “My brother will never like you.”
I frowned. “Why not?”
“You dress like you’re brother. My brother will never like you if you look like his best friend.” She scrunched her nose in distaste at my choice of wardrobe, much like my mother had. “You look like a guy.”
“I do not!” I protested.
“Do too. You’re dressed like a guy, so you look like a guy.” She stated matter-of-factly.
Even at 9 years old, I realized there was something wrong with that logic. But not being in the mood to argue, I just sighed and agreed; something I often did to avoid confrontation.

It took her nearly an hour and a half to fully straighten my hair, but I had to admit, It looked great. It was long, thick and shiny; much like Amy’s, but black. I ran my fingers through it and smiled; no tangles, no knots, and no frizz.

“You’re hair looks amazing!” Amy gushed.
“I love it!” I cheered.
“NOW can I do you’re makeup?” She pleaded.
I nodded, defeated, as she pulled out my mother’s makeup bag.
“Do you know what you’re doing?” I asked hesitantly.
“Of coarse! I play with my mom’s makeup all the time.” She waved me off, taking out a long black tube, a thicker black tube, some colored stuff, a big brush, then a little brush. She also pulled out lipstick, which was the only thing I knew the name of.

She made me close my eyes while she took the little brush and dabbed it into some color. She wouldn’t let me see which, saying she wanted to surprise me. I felt a brush go over my cheeks, and lipstick being applied to my lips before she had me opened my eyes. She took the cap off the little black tube and put more stuff on my eyes. Finally, she spun the chair around and let me look at myself.

Well … it’s definitely different. I’m not sure whether its bad, or if I just hate makeup in general. My cheek bones were red, matching my lips, my eyes had blue stuff on the lids and were rounded with black stuff. I watched as she did her own makeup, using purple eye stuff instead of the blue she used for me.

“Ames, don’t you think this is a little … much?” I asked, reaching for some toilet paper to wipe some off. She smacked my hand away.
“No, you look great! My brother’s gonna love you.” She wiggled her eyebrows.
“Alright.” I hung my head, waiting for her to finish.

When she was done, we made our way back to my room where she proceeded to toss everything in my closet onto the bed.

“You have such cute cloths! Why don’t you ever wear any of these?” She asked, holding up a white top to herself in the mirror.
I shrugged. “I don’t like them, my mom picked them out.”
“Here, put these on.” She tossed me a pink skirt and a white ruffled top. I stared at her like she had 3 heads.
“I’m not wearing this.” I stated.
“Come on! You’ll look so cute!” She urged.
I shook my head. “Nope, it’s not happening.”
“Fine.” She pouted.
“You can wear whatever, I’m gonna go find the boys.” I got off my bed and ventured down the staircase. They weren’t in the kitchen, living room or dining room so I figured they’d be in the basement. Making my way back to the Foyer, I opened the door and ran down the staircase, running straight into someone.

“Holy shit! BRIAN! I think I killed some little girl!” A boy screamed.
“Nikki, shit, are you okay?” I heard Matt asked.

I felt myself get picked up, and seconds later, I was placed on the couch. I looked up, revealing 10 sets of eyes.

I groaned. “Uhg, I think I hit my head harder then I thought.” I sat up slowly, and opened my eyes. Zack, Matt, Brian, Jimmy and a guy I’ve never seen before stood in front of me.

“I’m so sorry!” The one I’d never met before said.
“S’okay. I’m Nikki.” I stuck my hand out to shake, but he engulfed me in a bear hug instead. I liked this guy already.
“I’m Justin.” He smiled, as he let go of me.
“Colie, what happened to you?” Matt asked, his face scrunched.
“I ran into Justin here,” I jerked my thumb towards him. “And then I opened my eyes.”
“Not that, what happened to YOU." He motioned towards me.
“Oh, you’re sister got bored.” I answered.
“You look like a hooker.” Jimmy stated, smiling.
“What’s a hooker?” I asked.
Brian smacked Jimmy upside the head. “What’d you have to tell her that for?”
“She does!”
“She’s 9!”
“Fine!” Jimmy sighed. He stood before me and got down on one knee. “I’m sorry Nikki, I am forever indebted to you.”
I furrowed my eyebrows. “What’s imbedit mean?” I asked. What are they all talking about?
Jimmy chuckled. “It means I’m like … you’re slave.”
I perked up. “I always wanted a slave!”
“Well, as you’re slave, what would you like?” He asked.
“I want whatever takes this stuff off my face!”
They all laughed as Jimmy got me a wet napkin.

“Hey boy’s!” A girl greeted, walking down my staircase. I had never met her before.
“Hey Val!” Matt greeted her. His eyes shone, and his dimples were on display as his smile widened.

I don’t know who she is, but I already don’t like her.
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