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Break Apart My Heart

Chapter 12

“So he just kissed you? Like, out of the blue?” Amy asked, picking up a T-shirt.
I nodded. “Poor Zack looked like he was about to shit himself. I never knew Matt could be that scary.”
“You should see him in the mornings.” Amy quipped.

I had called Amy earlier in the day to talk, and she decided we should make a day out of it and go shopping. So, here I am, in the women’s department of some store, watching Amy pick out cloths I would never wear. I don’t mind, she’s a great listener, and she can multi-task with the best of them.

“So you’re not mad?” I asked.
She furrowed her eyebrows. “About what?”
I rolled my eyes. “About me and Zack! You used to be in love with the kid.”
“Babes that was like 10 years ago, I’m over it.” She smiled. “But you can’t date him.”
“Why not? I thought you said you didn’t like him?” I was so confused.
“I don’t, and you don’t either. You like my brother, and he obviously likes you back. He kissed you, for Pete’s sake!”
I sighed. “But how do I know if he likes me and not just these?” I asked, motioning towards my chest. Amy smacked my arm. “What was that for?!”
“Of course he likes you! If he didn’t, he wouldn’t have cared that you were kissing Zack; he was jealous.”
I frowned. “Maybe.”
Do you like Zack?” She asked, holding up a shirt to herself in the mirror.
“I’m not sure.” I shrugged. “I mean, he’s hot, and a great kisser, but I don’t really know him anymore.”
Amy chuckled. “It’s your second day here and you’re already caught up in a love triangle.”
“It’s not funny.” I pouted as “Walk” by Pantera started to play through my phone. “Hold on a sec.” I walked a few feet away, answering the unknown number.

“Hey, um, Nikki?” Some guy asked.
“It’s Zack.” I smiled.
“Hey! What’s goin’ on?” Amy looked over, eyeing me suspiciously. I waved her off and walked a bit further down, near the dressing rooms.
“Nothin’,” He drawled. “Hanging out. What are you doing?”
“Shopping with Amy. Well, she’s shopping, I’m watching.” I giggled.
“Please, you can’t tell me you haven’t bought anything. It’s impossible for a woman to go into a mall and get nothing.” He stated.
“Wanna bet?” I smirked. “I actually hate shopping.”
“A girl after my own heart.” I blushed at his comment. Thankfully he couldn’t see me. “What are you doing later?” He asked.
“Um, nothing that I know of.”
“Wanna hang out?”
I smiled. “Sure. You can come over around 8; Dad’s on tour and Brian’s sleeping over Jimmy’s.”
“Great! I’ll see you then.” I hung up.

“Who was that?” Amy asked, tossing the shirts in her hands into a basket.
“Zack.” She gave me a knowing look. “We’re hanging out later.”
“So that’s what their calling it now a days?” She chuckled to herself and walked down one of the many isles of cloths; I followed closely behind.
“What do you mean? I’m not gonna sleep with him, Ames.” I stated.
“Okay.” She shrugged.
“I’m not!” I argued.
“I never said you were. Who are you trying to convince, me or you?” She smiled. “Personally, I don’t care if you do. Just tell me if he’s good.” She winked and made her way to the cashier; I groaned.

Amy and I looked around a bit more, then decided to head back to her house and lounge around by the pool for a while. Considering it was nearing 2 and Zack wasn’t coming until 8, I figured I could use a little girl time; that, and a nice tan.

We stopped off at my house so I could get cloths. I changed into my black bikini top, green bottoms, a Batman shirt, dark jean shorts and my green flip flops. I threw my hair up and grabbed my cigarettes, sticking them in my pocket and we left. We got to Amy’s shortly, and she changed into her white and gold bikini. She tossed on a pair of jean shorts, a bright yellow top and her Cheetah sandals. Why she put on cloths I’m not sure, since we were going to her back yard to take them off anyway.

We made it into the backyard and kicked off our shoes, stripped of our cloths and started to apply the tanning oils. Amy and I talked and enjoyed the sun.

“So what are you gonna do?” She brought up randomly.
“About?” I asked.
She shot me a look, saying ‘You know what I’m talking about’ with her eyes.
I sighed. “I don’t know. I like both of them, honestly, but I think I’m gonna see where things with Zack go. Matt has Val, you know?”
She nodded. “Yea, I know. I like her and all, but I wish he’d dump her.”
I giggled. “Why?”
“’Cause then you two could get married and we’d be real sisters!”
“I doubt that’s gonna happen, Ames.”
“You never know.” She smiled.

Amy and I were honestly polar opposites; Ying and Yang, if you will. She’s the bright and bubbly one, the optimist, and listens to terrible music in my opinion. While I, on the other hand, listen to metal. Don’t get me wrong, I’m outgoing and I could be as crazy as the best of them, but I will forever be the pessimist; the realist. While Amy’s head is in the sky, my feet are planted safely on the ground. She likes the shop, I like to drink. Regardless, we somehow get along perfectly. Much like Ying and Yang, we balance each other out. I don’t let her get her hopes up, and she makes sure I don’t get too caught up in my own head.

“Nikki? Hello? Are you listening to a word I’m saying?” Amy waved her hand in front of my face, snapping me back into my thoughts.
“Sorry babe, I was zoning.” I smiled. “What were you saying?”
“I said we should go out this weekend. Like, Friday or something and get some drinks. You in?” I smiled; Amy is full of surprises.
“I’m in.” Someone stated.

I looked behind me and sure enough, there were a pair of hazel eyes and dimples walking towards me. He stopped a few feet away, staring at me intently. I shifted uncomfortably under his gaze.

“What do you want?” Amy asked.
“You’re stereo.” Matt replied, his eyes still on me. Well, my chest, rather.
“You know where it is.” Amy stated, standing up and diving into the pool. Matt walked over and sat in her seat beside me.
“Hey Colie.” He smiled nervously.
“Hey Matt.” I smiled back.
An awkward silence fell over us. Amy poked her head out of the pool and leaned against cement.
“Hey Matt, you’re staring!” She yelled, diving back in the pool to miss the bottle of tanning lotion I threw at her.
“I, uh, I gotta go. Later.” Matt stated, getting up quickly and jogging back into the house.

I sighed loudly and shot a glare at Amy, who was having a giggle fit on the other end of the in-ground pool.

“I hate you sometimes.” I grumbled.
“You love me and you know it.” She poked her tongue out.
“So what are you wearing tonight?” She changed the subject, hopping out of the pool and reclaiming her seat next to mine.
I shrugged. “I don’t know. My usual probably, why?”
“You don’t wanna look hot for you’re man?” She teased.
“He’s not my man.” I stated.
“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes. “So what are you gonna do then?”
“What is this, 21 questions?”


The rest of the day went by pretty quick, and I ran home around 7 to shower and get changed again. I don’t think I’ve ever changed cloths so many times in my entire life, let alone in one day.

I decided against trying to wow him, since I already know he likes me. Instead, I opted for the Marilyn Monroe approach. I dressed in grey V-neck t-shirt that was a size too big, plaid pajama pants, my pink Juicy Couture slippers and the locket Matt gave me. I even took my contacts out and put on my glasses; something I rarely do.

The Marilyn Monroe Approach: “If you can't handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don't deserve me at my best."

Now, I wouldn’t call this my worst, but you get the point.

I ordered a pizza and got out a few movies, waiting for Zack to show up. He arrived a few minutes later, dressed in a plaid shirt, straight legged jeans and a DC hat.

“Hey, we match!” He smiled, pointing to my plaid pajama bottoms. “If I would have known it was a slumber party I would have worn mine.” He smirked.
“Ha ha, very funny Baker.” I stuck my tongue out at him and led him through the doors.
“I ordered a pizza, so the guy should be here-” I was cut off by the doorbell ringing. “Now, apparently. I have some movies on the table, just pick one out and pop it in.”

I ran to the door and smiled at the pizza guy. It came to $20 and change, so I threw the guy $40 and brought the pizza into the living room, placing it on the table in front of Zack along with two Sodas.

“Which movie did you pick?” I asked, grabbing a slice of pizza.
“Night of the living Dead, the original.” He smiled.
“Sweet! Oh, and I got a little something for us.”
He smirked. “What’s that?”

I ran to the kitchen, pulling out a bottle of Bacardi and bringing it back into the living room.
“Shots!” I cheered.
“Alright.” He smiled.

Zack excused himself to go to the bathroom, while I took the first shot of Bacardi. Hell, no ones home, why not?

After he came in, I started the movie and turned out the lights. We sat in silence for most of the movie, just passing the bottle between us. I noticed that as the alcohol decreased, so did the accuracy of my vision. We finished out the movie, laughing the whole way through. Now, it wasn't mean to be a comedy, but apparently Zack and I shared the same sick sense of humor that turned it into one.

“They're horny, Barbara. They've been dead a long time.” Zack quoted, wiggling his eyebrows.

I fell off the couch from laughing so hard and hit the floor with a thud, still laughing. Zack rolled off the side of the couch and straddled me on the ground, using one arm to pin mine to the side. With his other arm he pointed towards the door.

“Look! Look, there's one of them now. He wants you.” He continued, leaning his face so it was inches from mine. “Dangerously close!”
“Stop it!” I played along, giggling. “He's going to hear you.”
“It doesn't matter.” He stated. “He knows we're here. It's to late now, there's no escape!” Zack yelled.

I stared up at him; his face inches from mine. His hair was messy, and stuck up in a few different directions. His green eyes were shining, either from the light casting over from the television, or the alcohol; which, I wasn't sure. The bull ring hung down from his prominent nose, and his lips looked very inviting with his snakebites shining. I was vaguely aware of our bodies touching before he stood up and extended his hand for me. I shook myself out of my daze, grabbed his hand and he helped me up. In my drunken state, I tripped over myself and landed on the couch; pulling Zack on top of me.

“Well, this is a nice position.” He smirked.
“I knew you’d say something perverted like that.” I giggled.
“Are you calling me a pervert?”

I nodded my head vigorously.

“This coming from the girl who wanted the zombies to get it on with the humans and make half-dead babies.” He stated, poking my side and making me squirm. “Oh, so you’re ticklish, too?” His smirk became devious and his fingers began poking and prodding my sides.

I finally got him off me and grabbed the couch pillow, swinging it at him. He ducked, and grabbed the one behind him and swung back, turning this into an all out pillow fight. Thankfully these aren’t feather pillows, or I’d have a lot of cleaning up to do. I saw the perfect shot open up as Zack missed me and lost his balance. Without hesitation, I swung and connected with his stomach, making him fall off the arm rest of the couch onto his back. I jumped off and sat on his stomach.

“Victory is mine!” I yelled, throwing my arms up in triumph.
“Oh yea?” He challenged.
“Yea.” I shot back.
He grabbed my hips and swung me off of him like I weighed nothing, and sat atop my stomach.
“Correction; Victory is mine.” He grinned.
“You’re an evil, evil person.” I huffed.
“Flattery won’t help you, sweetheart.” He retorted.

I'm not sure what came over me at that moment, but my heart leapt. The actions were not my own, and my body held complete control of itself. I reached up and roughly grabbed the back of Zack's neck, pulling him down so his lips met mine. I felt his hesitation melt away within seconds, and his tongue slipped between my lips, tangling with my own. At that moment, my body was listening to my heart and I liked it. Maybe I had been wrong about not liking Zack, or maybe, it's possible to like two completely different people? I'm not sure, nor do I care, because the feeling of his hand between my thighs was enough to make me forget every thought running through my head.
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