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Break Apart My Heart

Chapter Thirteen

The next week was spent lazing around with Zack, Amy and Brian, separately of coarse, waiting for Andy and Bella to arrive for my birthday. Technically, my birthday isn’t until Monday, but who parties on a Monday? Other then Bella, Andy and myself, anyway. Everyone came to a unanimous decision that today, Friday, would be my 18th birthday celebration. We’re all going to a club in L.A, fake ID’s on hand, to party the night away.

“Do you have you’re dress for tonight?” Amy asked as we sat in my room.
I nodded. “Yea, I’m gonna feel so weird in it, though.”
“Shut up, you’re gonna look hot. I wish you’d wear dresses more often.” She stated.
“Not gonna happen, sweet heart.” I smiled.
“You’re impossible.” She huffed.
“Yea, but you love me.” I blew a kiss in her direction to which she rolled her eyes.
“I gotta get going. I still need to shower.” She stood up and grabbed her bag.
“Go shower, skank; come back when you’re done.” I smirked.
Amy flipped me off and left the room.

I sighed and looked around; Bella and Andy won’t get here for another few hours, and I’ve got nothing to do. I decided instead of sitting around and playing with myself for 2 hours, I’d clean and set the house up. More than likely, somebody’s gonna wind up sleeping here, so I might as well be prepared.

I straightened everything up, wiped down the counters, changed the sheets in both guest rooms and cleaned both guest room bathrooms. Just in case, I also brought down a few pillows and blankets if someone decided to sleep in the living room. All in all, the house looked great, and Brian was still asleep. I had about a half hour before everyone started to show up, so I decided to wake him up and bug him. I didn’t worry too much about changing, since everyone was coming here to get ready.

“Brian wake up.” I stated, poking him repeatedly.
“Mph.” He mumbled.
Brian!” I screamed.
“AH!” He yelled, falling off the side of his bed.
I went into a fit of giggles. He stood up, glaring at me.
“This house better be on fire.” He groaned, lying back down.
“Nope.” I smiled, popping out the ‘P’.
“Then why are you waking me up?”
“I was bored.” I smiled innocently.
“I hate you.” He stated, covering his face with the pillow.
“You love me and you know it. Wake up, asshole, it’s nearly 5 O’clock.” I grabbed the pillow from his face and smacked him with it, as I began chanting ‘wake up’.
He grabbed the pillow from me. “You know, I always thought Amy was the annoying one. I’m starting to change my mind.”
“Whatever. Come on! Get up and entertain me.” I pleaded.
“Why don’t you go bother Amy?” He whined.
“She just left.” I frowned.
“Wake me up when people start getting here.” He mumbled, turning back over.
I groaned loudly and walked into the living room.

What the hell was I supposed to do for a half hour? I took a seat on the couch and turned on the television. Flipping through channels, I saw the last half hour of Clueless was on. Ironic, huh?


“Zack!” I smiled, opening the door to let him in.
“Hey babe.” He smirked, wrapping his arms around my waist and pulling me in for a kiss.
“Where’s everybody?” He asked.
“You’re the first one here; Brian’s still asleep.”
Zack chuckled. “Lazy fuck.”

We walked into the living room and took a seat on the couch. He draped his arm over my shoulder, and I leaned onto his chest. He always smelt amazing; Axe and Marlboro Reds. Not my favorite, but it’ll do.

“So do I get to see you in something sexy tonight?” Zack smirked, wiggling his eyebrows.
“Maybe.” I dragged out.
“Can I get a sneak peak?” He smiled.
“Nope, you’ll just have to wait for later.” I poked my tongue out at him, to which he promptly nipped at. “Ow, that hurt.” I pouted.
“I’m sorry baby.” He cooed, pecking my lips.

A few minutes later I heard the doorbell ring. I ripped myself out of Zack’s arm and raced to the door, expecting it to be Bella and Andy.

“Hey kiddo.” Jimmy smiled, messing up my hair. “This is my girlfriend, Belinda.”
“Hi, nice to meet you.” I smiled, extending my hand.
“Nice to meet you, too. You can call me Beli, or Linda; whichever.” She smiled.
“Well, come on in.” I ushered.

Beli was gorgeous, to say the least. She was about my height, with dark brown eyes, tanned skin and the same black curly hair as me. The only difference being, hers was nicely tamed with ringlets falling around her face, while mine was an afro of mess.

“Hey Zack.” Jimmy smiled, pounding fists with Zack.
“’Sup dude?” Zack asked.
“Nothing. You got you’re cloths with you?” Jim asked.
Zack nodded. “In my backpack out in the car.”
“Same.” He nodded.

Jimmy and Beli took a seat on the couch next to Zack, leaving me to sit on the opposite sofa. We chatted aimlessly for a few minutes before the doorbell rang again. I hopped to my feet to open it.

“Hey Ames.” I smiled.
“Hey girl.” She smiled back. “Prepare yourself.” She warned, walking into the living room.

I stood confused for a few minutes before realizing what she was talking about. Matt and Valary came walking up the staircase, already dressed and ready to go. Matt looked, well to be blunt, fucking hot. He wore a simple white button down with the sleeves rolled up, dark denim jeans, black shoes and his aviators. Valary, on the other hand, looked like she was going to a wedding instead of a club. Maybe it’s just me, but clubs should be colorful. Colorful lights, colorful clothing, colorful hair. Valary dressed in a white ruffled dress, with a black belt cinched around her waist. She was decked out in diamonds, strappy black heels and too much perfume. Don’t get me wrong, she looked beautiful, just a bit overdone.

“Hey Colie, happy almost birthday.” Matt smiled. Valary smiled incredulously.
“Thanks guys, come on in.” I ushered.
“Did I not get the memo or something? Why isn’t anyone dressed?” Matt asked, sitting on the sofa next to Valary.
“We’re all getting dressed here. Didn’t Brian call you?” Zack asked.
Matt pulled out his phone. “Missed call, I guess I missed him.”
“Whatever, we’re all getting dressed as soon as Nikki’s friends get he-”

Jimmy was cut off by the doorbell ringing.

“Their here!” I screamed, running to the door and yanking it open. “Bella! Andy!” I yelled, jumping into Andy’s waiting arms. He spun me around before placing me back onto the ground, where I then hugged Bella.
“I missed you, baby doll.” She smiled, hugging me tighter.
“I missed you guys so much more!” I smiled. “Come on, let me introduce you to everyone!”

I dragged them into the living room, where everyone except Brian, was seated.

“Everyone, these are my best friends Andy and Bella. Guys, that’s Zack, Amy, Jimmy, his girlfriend Beli, Matt and his girlfriend Valary.” I pointed to each person as I introduced them, and everyone responded with a wave, or a “Hey”.

“I thought you’re brother’s name was Brian?” Andy asked.
“It is, he’s still upstairs sleeping.” I smirked. “Come on, let’s bring all this shit upstairs.”

Andy and Bella grabbed their bags, while I grabbed one of each and helped them up the stairs. I brought them into my room just to leave their stuff for now.

“Okay, dish girl.” Andy stated, throwing himself onto my king sized bed.
“About what?” I played dumb.
He rolled his eyes. “Bell here spilled the beans. She told me you were secretly dating one of those guys. Now, I’m just guessing here, but its Zack, isn’t it?”
“How’d you guess?” I asked.
“He’s the only single one down there.” He smirked. “He’s cute!”
“I saw him first, don’t even try.” I playfully warned.
He snapped his fingers, “Damn.”
“Hey Nikki, I heard talking.” Brian stated, walking into my room dressed in his pajamas. “Oh, hey. I’m Brian.”
“I’m Andy, the pleasure is all mine.” Andy smiled deviously, checking my brother out.
Bella smacked him. “I’m Bella. Don’t worry about Andy, we chain him up at night.”
Brian smiled uncomfortably. “Nice to meet you. I’ll, uh, just be downstairs.”
“Okay. Everyone’s down there, tell them they can start getting ready now. We leave at 8!” I called after him, standing up and closing my door.

“Okay, let’s see the dresses!” I stated excitedly.
“Mines a purple sequin halter top-”
“Shut up Andy.” Bella smirked.

We stripped of our cloths, not really caring considering Bella and I are both girls, and Andy’s gay. I pulled the strapless black and peach lace corset dress up over my chest, and had Andy zipper up the back for me. It accentuated my best asset; my chest. Now, most people would wear heels with a dress like this, but I’m not most people. I pulled on my studded converse, applied my makeup and added the jewelry I just bought to complete my outfit. I pinned back some of the mess I call my hair, and it actually looked pretty decent when combined with my outfit. Grabbing my black clutch, I was ready to go.

Andy changed into a red button down shirt, black tie, black jeans, his black converse and of course, his signature leather jacket. Bella and I spiked his hair into its usual Mohawk, but spray painted it red to match his shirt. He looked pretty damn good.

Bella, I have to say, looked gorgeous. She changed into a black, mesh tiered dress with a silver stitched design under the bust. She paired it off with red and black jewelry and the leather jacket she’s had since I was 11. She applied her makeup, with bright red lipstick, and pulled on her extra high patchwork high-tops. She grabbed her black satin clutch and we made our way downstairs.

Amy was dressed in a Rouched sparkle dress, with bright pink heels, matching jewelry and a heart shaped clutch. Her hair was straight and flowing and, as usual, she looked gorgeous. Zack wore a long sleeve white button up with a sweater vest, dark wash blue jeans with his eyes covered with red eye shadow, making the green orbs pop. Brian was wearing a grey button up with the sleeves rolled up, a black tie, dark jeans, sunglasses and his signature Fedora. I’m not sure why he and Matt were wearing sunglasses, considering it was dark out, but I wasn’t going to ask. Jimmy had on a black button up, with a bright blue tie, dark jeans and his glasses. Overall, the guy’s all looked great.

I looked around the room. “Where’s Beli?”
“Right here.” She stated, walking into the room.
My mouth dropped. “Damn girl! You look hot!”

Beli had on a bright blue drape dress that tied around the neck with wrapped Jersey sandals. Her brown eyes were accentuated by the bright blue eye shadow and black eyeliner contrast. Her jewelry matched perfectly with her outfit, and I was actually quite jealous. Not for any vain reason, but because Jimmy snagged her up before I could become a lesbian and get her myself. Yea, I went there.

“Don’t you think you two should change?” Valary sneered.
“What do you mean?” I asked, holding back the urge to wipe that smug look off her face.
“We’re going out in public.” She glared at Bella and I. “Bri, are you really going to let you’re sister leave the house looking like that?”
Brian shrugged. “Not my place to say.”
“But don’t you think they look ridiculous? I, for one, don’t want to be embarrassed tonight.” She stated.
“Then don’t come, bitch. Tonight’s about Baby doll, here; not you.” Bella snapped.
I smiled in appreciation at her, and I saw Brian do the same.
“Matt!” Val screeched. “Do something!”
I saw Amy roll her eyes. Even though she’s one of my best friends, I knew she couldn’t say anything. It’s her brother’s girlfriend.
“Baby what do you want me to do? She’s kind of right, its Colie’s birthday so she can dress how she wants.” He reasoned.
“Don’t any of you agree with me? They look like freaks. Beli, you agree with me, right?” She looked over at the small woman.
“I think they look hot.” She smirked, walking towards us. “Now everyone shut the fuck up and let’s go get drunk!”

I cheered and dragged Beli and Bella out the door, Amy and Andy in toe. The rest all dragged behind. Driving the 45 minutes to L.A, we decided on taking two cars, with two designated drivers. Amy’s driving Kim’s BMW with Matt, Valary, Zack and Brian. Andy’s driving his cousins Mini Van with me, Bella, Beli and Jimmy. Thankfully both had large cars or we’d need a third designated driver. At first, Andy didn’t want too. I think he likes to drink more than all of us put together. After Bella and I begged him on 3-way for a few hours, he caved. I promised him I’d get him drunk before he went back to Sacramento; a promise I intend to keep. Andy’s hilarious when drunk.

After the long drive to L.A. we got to the club. The boys, I guess, are California celebrities, because most of the people in line let us cut in front. We got in a few minutes later after flashing the security guards our fake ID’s. Technically only Amy and I had to use them; everyone else in the group was 21 or older. All the girls, minus Valary, headed to the bar to grab some drinks while the guys, and Valary, went to get us our private booth for 10. Brian had called up a few days earlier to book it, they just needed to find someone to take them their now. They said they’d send someone over once they got there, so for now, we’re situated at the bar.

“I’ll have a long island iced tea, please.” Beli smiled sweetly.
“Water.” Amy grumbled. She wasn’t too thrilled on being a designated driver, either.
“I’ll take sex on the beach, preferably with you.” Andy stated, winking and the hot bartender. His nervous smile reminded me of Brian’s earlier; Andy sometimes has that effect on people. “No but seriously, I’ll have a coke.”
“3 olive martini.” Bella nodded.
“Let me start off with a $3 dollar hooker, 18 ‘till you die, Absolut Suicide, Red Headed slut, and a 5 best friends.” A shot a cheesy smile at the other four as they all looked at me funny.
“I’ve never heard of any of those.” Amy giggled.
“Red Headed sluts are amazing!” Beli smiled. “I’ll take one, too.”
“Hey, Red Headed Sluts all around.” The bartender nodded and got to work.
“Someone’s trying to get drunk tonight.” Andy nudged me.
“Well duh! It’s my birthday!” I smiled.
“It’s you’re birthday?” The bartender smiled, handing everyone their drinks.
I nodded. “21 today.” I lied.
“Well, happy birthday. These are all on the house.” Everyone cheered.
“Okay, on the count of three!” I shouted. “1, 2, 3..”

At 3, everyone downed their shot, while I went on to down all 5.

“Damn girl.” Amy smiled. Even she and Andy took the shot; one wouldn’t kill her.
“I think me and you will be fast friends.” Beli smiled. “Bartender! Bring on the shots!”
“What would you like?” He asked.
“Anything you can come up with, send ‘em over.” She cheered.
Beli, Bella and I downed every shot he threw at us. Honestly, we’d been sitting there for maybe 10 minutes and it was already amazing the amount of alcohol we’d consumed.

“Hey guys, the tables ready.” Brian smiled. “Whoa, how many shots did you guys have already?”
“Like … 4 or 12. Who can count these days?” I smiled. I wasn’t drunk, but I definitely had a buzz going on.
“Okay guys, come on.” He ushered, throwing a $50 onto the bar to take care of the tab.

We made our way over to the private booth and climbed in. The booth was shaped in a huge semi-circle, so we could face each other but still get out. The only problem is that If someone in the middle wanted to get out, half of the table would have to get up. Oh well, we’ll deal. The seating arrangement started with Brian at one end, then Matt, Valary, Jimmy and Zack. Zack moved out to let Beli move in, then sat back down. I climbed in next to him, Bella behind me, Amy after her, then Andy at the end. They already had 16 shots set up; 2 for each of us, minus Amy and Andy.

Brian held up his first shot.
“Here’s to my baby sister,” He cooed. “And our two new friends.” He smiled at Bella and Andy. “Cheers!”

We all downed our shots; tequila. I grabbed the lime and sucked at it for a few moments; I could see Zack smirking at me in my peripheral vision. Horny bastard.

I downed my second shot and watched as Bella and Andy socialized with the group. It made me smile, knowing they all get along so well. I could tell right away that this would be an evening to remember.
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