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Break Apart My Heart

Chapter Nine

“Nikki!” Andy shouted, throwing his arms around me. I chuckled and hugged him back.
“Hi Anders,” I smiled, letting him go.
“Baby doll, you look like shit.” Bella commented.
“Gee, thanks.” I rolled my eyes. “I didn’t sleep much last night.”
“Hot date?” Andy winked.
“No, unfortunately,” I sighed. “I had to pack everything last night so I couldn’t spend the day with you losers.”
“Hey!” Bella glared.
“Yea, we’re sexy losers!” Andy added, rubbing his hands down his chest.
“Whatever you say,” I smirked.

The day, to my dismay, went by quickly. Bella and Andy made me a cake, and sang happy birthday to me, since I wouldn’t be here for my actual birthday. Bella gave me a necklace that said ‘best’, while hers read ‘friends’ and Andy’s saying ‘forever’. How she managed to find one for three people astonished me, but I loved it and attached it to my neck immediately. Andy got me a pair of rainbow colored shoes that only he would wear. Regardless, I’ll keep them forever. After presents, Andy pulled out a bottle of Captain Morgan while Bella tossed 4 bags of a familiar white powdery substance onto the table. I smirked, knowing exactly how this night was going down.

We ate the cake before the festivities, knowing damn well the coke would kill our appetites. While Bella cut up lines, Andy and I played the Alphabet game. Our version was a little different, mainly because we turned it into a drinking game. Do you know how hard it is to remember shit when you’re drunk?

“A, Alphabet,” I took a shot. “B, Barney,” Shot “C, cat,” Shot “D, Donkey,” Shot “E … um, E … Fuck!” I yelled.
Andy chuckled, taking the bottle from my hands. He repeated everything I did, continuing on.
“E, Ecstasy. How do you forget that?” He chuckled, taking his shot. “F will be …” He began thinking of an F word, although I already knew what it was going to be. “Fuck!” He mimicked me.

“If you ladies are done, I got the first bag set up for us.” Bella interjected.
“Sweet!” Andy smiled, tossing the bottle onto the couch and drunkenly making his way over to Bella; I followed suit.

Within the next few hours we were all pretty gone and I had to head home. I needed some sleep if my mother was sending me off as early as she said.

My walk home was pretty uneventful, until I hit the corner market …

“I’m a minor you jackass! You can’t arrest me.” I spat as I was roughly pressed against the side of a car. I felt the cold metal of handcuffs being placed around my wrists.
“Listen here punk, right now I’ve got you for Underage Drinking and Public Indecency. Do yourself a favor and shut it before I charge you for Verbally Assaulting a police officer.” Good thing he doesn’t know about the bag of coke I got in my bra.

I watched as he stepped away from me towards the other side of the car and reached in for something. Without a further thought, I took of running down the street. I’m leaving in 6 hours, and he didn’t take my name or finger prints. As far as I’m concerned, I’m straight. I heard him yelling, and a car door slam. Apparently he’s going to chase me down in the car, which is a stupid move considering I know the back streets like the back of my hand. The sirens blared and I ducked through one of the alley ways.

I lost him in 5 minutes flat.

“Baby doll, why are you knocking? And why aren’t you home?” Bella asked, opening Andy’s door for me. I ran through and landed on the couch face-first.
“Do you know you’re in handcuffs?” Andy asked, pulling at the chain link.
“No shit.” I mumbled into his couch cushion.
Bella pulled me up by the chain in between. “You weren’t even gone a half hour! How did you get arrested?”
“Well, I was on my way home and a car stopped at the red light by Doc’s. The guy was hot, so I flashed him.” I explained.
“Was he an undercover cop?” Andy asked.
I shook my head. “No, but the guy behind him was.”
“Fucking retard,” Bella mumbled, rubbing her eyes. “Did you at least get the guys number?”
“Yea, right in between getting slammed into the side of a car and being put in handcuffs.” I replied sarcastically, rolling my eyes. “Can you get these things off me now?”
“Scoot.” Andy ordered.

I did as I was told and sat in front of him, leaning myself forwards. One of the many good things about Andy was he’s been arrested so many times he can pick through handcuffs in seconds. He can also do it behind his back.

I heard a light ‘clink’ as I felt the metal slip from my wrists. I rubbed them lightly, noticing the red marks they left behind.

“Do all handcuffs hurt that much?” I asked.
“Only when the idiots put ‘em on too tight.” Andy explained.
“My little devil’s first jail break; I’m so proud.” Bella smirked.
“Technically it wasn’t a jail break. It was more along the lines of a pre-arrest escape.” Andy stated. “But still, good job girlfriend!” I giggled. He’s so flamboyant, and I love it.
“You think you’re cousin could drive me home?” I asked. “I don’t think it’s to smart to be walking again.”
“He’s not home.” Andy stood up. “But, his car is.”
“Sweet.” I smiled.

We piled into Andy’s cousins Van and took the short drive to my house. Although Andy didn’t have his drivers license back yet, that didn’t stop him from taking joy rides whenever possible. When we arrived, Bella and Andy were decent enough to walk me to my window; how sweet.

“I’m gonna miss you, girl.” Andy stated, hugging me for dear life.
“I’m gonna miss you, too.” I frowned.
“We’re gonna see each other soon!” He smiled, whipping the tears that I hadn’t realized were falling. “We’ll drive down and see you whenever we can. We’re like Herpes, if you will.”
“Why’s that?” I smirked.
“We never go away!” He smiled. “I promise, you’re never getting rid of us. Even if you want to.”
I frowned; that’s what everyone says.

Bella pulled my shoulders roughly, facing me to her.
“We mean it, baby doll.” She stated. “We’re not like the other people in you’re life who promise shit and don’t follow through; you will never get rid of us.”

It’s crazy how she reads my mind sometimes.

I smiled, still not entirely positive. “Okay.”
“I’m serious. Andy and me are nothing like those idiots you’re going back to. When we say for life, we mean it.” She stated, her eyes starting to water. “As far as I’m concerned, you’re brother and you’re old friends are idiots for loosing touch with you. If you go to you’re dads and they’ve all turned into pricks, fuck ‘em all. Dysfunctional as we may be, we’re you’re family, and nothing’s ever gonna change that.”

By the end of her speech, all 3 of us were bawling like babies outside my bedroom window. I’m sure my neighbors all thought we were insane; hugging and crying hysterically at 3 in the morning, but I couldn’t care less.

Bella whipped her eyes, as Andy and I did the same.

“And don’t let them change you, or say shit to you, you heard? Don’t walk in there and let them push you around. If they try, call me and I’ll be there in a second flat telling them where to shove it.” She ordered.

I chuckled, and nodded. My throat was to soar to say anything.

“I love you guys.” I smiled sadly, wrapping my arms around the two of them once again.
“I love you, too.” They both replied in unison.

We probably stood there for another 10 minutes just hugging and crying before Bella dragged Andy away in a sobbing mess. He’ll make a great wife someday.

I entered my bedroom and looked around at all my suitcases. I wasn’t bringing any furniture with me; my mother said my dad took care of all that. I didn’t mind, I needed new furniture anyway. I sighed and checked to see if I forgot anything. I had a few hours before I had to leave, and I was itching for something to kill the time. That’s when I remembered; the left side of my bra contained a time consumer. But, the more I thought about it, the more I figured I’d need it for tomorrow.

Hello, Ms. White bag of confidence. It’s a pleasure to have you with me.
♠ ♠ ♠
I'm back!

It's a tragedy what happened to our beloved Rev, and as sad as it'll be writing about him, I realized something. He wouldnt want the world to stop spinning on his account. Through his death, I've realized how short life really is, and how we shouldnt take one day for granted. A day you're smiling is a day well spent, and Jimmy kept everyone around him smiling. I wish the best for his family and friends and hope they celebrate Jimmy's life, instead of dwelling on his untimely death. I love Avenged, but I disagree with them on one aspect.

Time goes by, but the memories will NEVER fade.

R.I.P. Jimmy <333