Status: Just started

Awful Lot Of Oysters

The feeling that there's an awful lot of oysters, and no pearls

After a full school year of being sent to live with his oldest brother Kevin in the mundane and characterless world of Glendale, California. Nick Jonas is thrilled to be back home in Mississippi with all of his old friends in the Bayou. His agenda is full of nothing more than eating poboy sandwiches, playing guitar, tail gate and boardwalk parties, working on the boats, swimming in the rivers, and trying to make his parent's proud of him again.

And with the sass the Southern belles seem to be packing, the Bayou summer Nick has been longing for is going to be nothing he anticipated, ecspecially with Neely Roy around.

I'm so excited about this story. I'm trying to create Bayou Town as a really warm, colorful, and inviting world and I hope you guys get the same feeling from this story as I do. Feedback is loved.