Status: Discontinued

Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

This story has been discontinued. Keep an eye out for these characters' seperate stories! Thanks a bunch!
  1. Aiden Way: Under the Influence
    Aiden's introduction
  2. Dan Iero: Far From Ordinary
    Dan Iero's Introduction
  3. Madelyn Way: Take Me As I Am
    Madie's Introduction (Edited slightly 07-15-08)
  4. Cassie Lee: The Pages All Are Torn and Frayed
    Cassandra's Introduction.
  5. Jared Way: Colors You Can't Define
    Jared's Introduction
  6. Adelaide Ross: Don't Tell All Your Friends
    Adelaide's Introduction
  7. Charlotte McCracken: Party For a Living
    Charlie's introduction
  8. *** Wentz: It's Better When You're Young
    ***'s introduction.
  9. Aiden Vs. The Hunter
    Chapter One
  10. That's My Energy Drink!
    Chapter Two
  11. Madie Escapes
  12. Cassie's Having A Blast
  13. Portrait of Apathy
    Jared broods.
  14. Adelaide Meet the Press
    Addie's Chapter
  15. The Three Apes And a Rebellious Romantic Wannabe
    Chaz has deep contemplative moments at five in the morning. Or maybe her system craves pot.
  16. Wong-Fuud.
    *** Wentz Defies the Big ***.
  17. It's Rainbow Pollution Day
    Long is the word of the day.
  18. My Men
    school morning and all that goes with it... and men.
  19. Kiss Me, I'm Aiden!
  20. What Do I Say Again?
  21. Pseudo Scene Queen
  22. Reflections, Skirts and a Skirt Chaser
  23. Caution: Approach with Care.
  24. Coke and Mentos (in the rag)
    *** Wentz walks again
  25. What's at the Bottom of That Bottle?
    Aiden Way.
  26. The Secret Desires Of A Dan Iero
  27. Bitter Grounds
    Charlie's chapter by Bastard Son
  28. True Testimonials of Teenaged Morality
  29. A Synonym For Infatuation
  30. Jared, Waysted
    "This is what happens when an unstoppable force meets an immovable object."
  31. *** Wentz would never...
    It's party time at the Wentz household.
  32. No regrets? ***head.
    Madie learns the price of alcohol is more than just a hangover.
  33. Here Will Lie the Body of Aiden Way
    In Pete Wentz Bed no less.
  34. Alcohol, What A Pain.
    Daniel's having a bad morning.
  35. ***-Me Red Manolo's And Charlie's Green Face
    Charlie's hungover, messy, weird-ass morning, erm, afternoon. / first part of the title is a reference to a song by Amy Winehouse, *** me pumps.