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Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

What Do I Say Again?

School, oh man the agony. I still wish it was summer, that way I can sleep until 3 and then suck on my venom known as the Full Throttle. But the good thing is I can spend my morning with Aiden and Charlie! Which sometimes isn’t a good thing cause they either make fun of me or Charlie goes on about how hot my dad is. Which makes me gag and want to vomit, cause it is disgusting to know that these girls from my school think my dad is like the sexiest thing in the world.

Which he is not! I am!

Charlie was sucking away on her death stick, Aiden taking a few glances at her once and while. Charlie was a very smart girl, she didn’t sleep with Aiden – which if you asked me is a very smart move cause Aiden sometimes has commitment issues. Well it seems that way, I’m not all the sure… come to think of it I’m too sure about a lot of things… damn attention span.

“Danny-boy…” Oh god that fucking name.

“My name is Dan, say it with me Dan.” I said, turning around and walking backwards to face my friends.

Charlie merely chuckled, blowing smoke out of her mouth and Aiden smirked, draping his arm around her shoulders. Something inside me twitched. “How’s daddy Iero doing?” Charlie asked and I slowed down a bit.

“Why do you care?” I asked slowly, being careful not to create a trap which leads to Charlie talking about wanting to do my dad, he’s happily married to my mother! Thank you very much!

Charlie smiled, “Cause he’s hot?”

I frowned, turning around and walking a little ahead of them cause she knew I hated that shit – she only did it to see my reaction. I know she does! All of them do! A whistle came from behind, “Look at that Iero trademark ass!”

I covered my hands over my ass, walking faster and could hear Aiden laughing behind me. “Stop staring at me!”

“Oh Dan she’s only kidding!” Aiden yelled as he ran after me, quickly wrapping his arms around and pulled my smaller body against his chest.

“Aiden, get off of me before I bite you.”

“Oooh, I like it rough!”

“Gay ass.”

“Take ones to know one,” he replied as he kissed my cheek. Not in public! People can’t know about the Daiden!

“Blackmail!” Charlie squeaked as she took a picture with her phone, giggling at the picture she took and I twitched. What is up with these people and making me gay? I am not gay! I like boobs and girls and hair… on the girls head.

I whined, pulling away from Aiden and walking ahead as Aiden argued with Charlie about the picture. She won’t post it on myspace, if anything she’s more likely to post a picture of Aiden smoke pot with a drink in his hand and two girls on each side of his arm. But that’s not the point, point is I’m not gay…openly. Ok scratch that, I’m not gay at all. Anyways!

“Danny! I love you!” Charlie screamed out, giggling about… something.

“Yeah yeah,” I replied back grabbing my sidekick from my pocket and flipping it open to… well I’m not too sure what I wanted to do but I wanted my attention off the lovey dovey couple behind me.

Ok maybe that’s the asshole side of me talking but whatever, it’s not like they can hear me. I ended up finding a super call ass game in my sidekick and that keeps my attention on the walk to school, which we got there pretty fucking fast if you asked me. I ended up having to close my precious game and putting my phone away so the stuffy teachers wouldn’t take it away, and then be all “Your father wouldn’t approve!”

Blah blah bah, he plays Guitar Hero with me so whatever.

I ran my hand through my hair, which need to badly be cut cause it looks gay as hell, and ended up combing it through my hands – which needs all of my attention! Which is bad… cause I just bumped into someone! Oh crap…

Her books flew out of her arms, scattering across the floor and the girl sighed as she looked over the books. Oops. Her blonde hair swished to the side as she turned to pick them up, me feeling bad for not paying attention to where I was going, kneeled down to help pick up the books.

“Sorry about tha – Cassie!” The blonde looked up at me, her eyes slightly widening and I think I’m going to piss my pants.

Oh holy crap Cassandra Lee is right in front of me! Whoa… that rhymed!

“Dan!” Cassie squeaked in her cute little voice, grabbing the last book from the floor and stood up.

I gulped, standing up with a book in my hand and handing it over to Cassie. “Oh! Thanks.”

“S-sorry about knocking your stuff down,” I said as I scratched the back of my head and watched as she smile. It’s so sparkly… “Wasn’t paying attention.”

“Oh it’s ok, at least you’re not like other assholes who just knock it over and walk away.” Cassie replied, forcing a piece of blonde hair behind her ear. “So how are you?”

She’s starting a conversation with me…what do I say?! “G-good, and you?”

“I’m great, excited about school… well kind of…”

“Y-yeah, totally.” Oh my god I look like a fucking idiot, what is wrong with me?!

“Danny boy!” Someone yelled from down the hall and that… that was not a good thing. Aiden swung his arm around my shoulder, squeezing me tightly and all I could do was try not to panic like I so wanted to do.

“Aiden…” I started but his eyes were set on the small blonde in front of us, oh please don’t fight. Please!

“Aiden,” Cassie said coldly as she pushed some hair over her shoulder and tilted her head to the side slightly.

“Cassandra,” Aiden replied just as coldly. “Not trying to whore yourself on Danny boy here now are you?”

“Stop confusing me with yourself honey, it’s not my fault Dan has a larger interest in decent woman.”

Oh fuck oh fuck, say something Dan!

“Much like-”

“OH MY GOD! Look at the time! We should go!” I yelped, grabbing Aiden by his jacket and smiling at Cassie. “Really nice talking to you Cassie, hope to see you around later, we can chat it up then! But got to go, don’t want to be late! LET’S GO AIDEN!”

I tugged on Aiden’s coat, dragging him away from Cassie and ran like a bat out of hell. I turned the corner, making sure I was good and far from Cassie. “What the-”

“Cant you two be nice to one another? For once!” I squeaked, twitching slightly and let go of Aiden. “I mean, hello? Act like your fucking age.”

“Well sorry Mr. Dan that she’s a bitch all the damn time,” Aiden snapped back and I frowned at him.

“She is not! You two just need to learn how to get along,” I said I poked Aiden in the chest and he moved back a little.

“You’re twitching Dan…”

“Shut up no I’m not!” I yelped as I twitched, trying very hard to control the sudden twitching. “Seriously Aiden, just… if you don’t have anything to say to Cassie, don’t say anything at all? Please?”

Aiden gave me a look, like he’d be damn to do anything besides Cassie, but he nodded his head and silently agreed to do what I asked him to do. I smiled at him, hugging him quickly and moved away as I looked around the school. Too many gossipers here, might sell me out to the press! To the press I tell you!

“Come on Danny boy, let’s get to class.”

I nodded, following behind Aiden as he walked down the hall and I was enjoying looking at everyone who passed me by. Such a colorful group of people in my school…