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Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

Pseudo Scene Queen

It had been clear from the start that New York would be a lot different than Las Vegas. Taller, denser, colder, coastal. Well, it damned well wasn’t the desert…

It had become obvious things were changing when Dick had told me the names of some of the kids that went to the fine institution I would be attending with him. I knew very few of them personally, as I was rather popular west in the Decaydance circles, Las Vegas, Nevada, Los Angeles, not in that of the East Coast emo scene.

And it had finally become ominous when my dad left me to my own devices at the gates of this new school. Teenagers in designer clothes floated by, covering up their uniforms in van, for the gray pants and ugly skirts showed no matter what.

I felt a hand on my back and actually sighed, thankful to see a familiar face. Jared Way stood behind me and began to steer me inside as a bell rang.

“You’ve got math with me now, Addie,” he sighed, “Let’s at least get you to your first class on time.”

I laughed, “Why thank you, kind sir.”

“Oh I wouldn’t go that far, but I do admit to trying.”

Into the building, down the hall, up some stairs, down the hall and into a classroom we went. Into two seats near the back, all before the teacher noticed she seemed to have a class in front of her.

“Last night was fun,” I turned to Jared, who either knew how to apply concealer astonishingly well, or was like the human equivalent of rubber, bouncing back after, well, Dick’s adventures around Manhattan.

“Delightful,” he mused, tapping his pencil on the desk and staring at the clock as though willing it to change.

I thought back to last night. Refusing Chinese food, we went out. There was something about a list, which we were apparently on. I vaguely remembered riding on Dick’s back for a while, then taking off my shoes and attempting to walk barefoot, for about a block before giving up and putting them back on out of disgust. Then we went dancing or drinking—something with a “d”. For a bit, I had acted like Dick and Jay were both my boyfriends, which Dick declared “very Audrey Kitching” of me. So Jay called me the Pseudo Scene Queen. Which is only half a lie, to be quite honest. The “Pseudo” part is slightly doubtful. Anyways, after that whole traveling fiasco that was us, we went out for McDonald’s at two AM. And around three, I got dropped off at home. Then at six, I woke up, drank coffee, did my hair, dressed and arrived at school.

“How was your morning?” he asked.

I filled in the gaps between six and arriving at school. Shay tried to tattle on me, Daddy didn’t care, Brendon’s too busy to give a fuck. After breakfast, after Brendon had had his coffee, I did get a bit of a scolding, but what do they care as long as I’m getting okay grades in school? So then there was some controversy about Shay’s new cardigan—whether it was too purple or not. And then there was something about “Adelaide Colleen, if you wear those boots out of the house, I will murder you. What the fuck are they?” from my dad. Fashion advice from the gayest man on the planet is great, really. Then there was me changing and last minutes things happening—cell phones being grabbed, iPods being unplugged, and we were off.

“Uneventful. Yours?”

“Rather the same,” he sighed contemplatively.

I nodded and began to zone out as the teacher began to talk. My mind wandered. So maybe New York wouldn’t change things that much. School was still school, life was still life, people were still just people.

I settled into my seat. Here came the long class, the long year, the boredom and monotony dragging itself along with it.
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