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Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

Reflections, Skirts and a Skirt Chaser

There are scribbles on the margins of my notebook. The bell is on strike. Madie and I are passing notes. In between, I'm looking at the back of Shay's head, envious of her attention span. Absently scrawling another sentence into my book, I wonder for a moment if I actually care what the science course requires from me this year.

It's not that I'm bad at physics. I just don't like it. It's dull. I wanted to drop it this year, but the angry mother of some scholarship wench went ballistic on the school board during the summer and insisted that all sciences were necessary for a well rounded student. My mother agreed with her, sadly. My situation wasn't just sad; it was pathetic. First day of school and I already can't keep myself awake.

It's actually kind of surprising. I usually do pay attention, or at least try during physics, unlike a certain Madelyn. I practically tutor the girl sometimes. I really should charge money. Scratch that, I love her, mainly because of the note that fell into my lap.

Heard you bumped into Dan. Heard he freaked out. Want me to set you guys up?

God bless her. I contemplated for a moment. Should I say yes? Did he really freak out? Because I couldn't tell. He was just so...he's always so sweet. Plus, he definitely got his dad's genes. Taking a guarded glance at the teacher, I replied on the other side of the note.

Don't. Can't make him feel obligated. He didn't freak. I did. Voice got squeaky again.

I could practically see the laugh bubbling at Madie's lips when she read it. To my luck - and hers - the bell rang 3 minutes later. The moment we were out the door, she collapsed into a fit of unstoppable giggles. The problem with her is that when she gets like that, it’s hard to glare because I start laughing too. Its juvenile, I know, standing in the middle of the hallway laughing at someone while she laughs at you. A few passing teachers gave us looks, but I decided that this year, the teachers could go to hell. When everyone expects maturity all the time, I really can't help but let myself loose.

The strange thing is that no one even bothered to look at us two laughing maniacs. Except for Dick. He and Jared were passing by, I guess and he felt the need to inform Madie that he could see up her skirt, rather tastelessly.

“Black panties, huh? No thong?” Dick casually put his elbow on her shoulder with a smirk.

She moved away, blushing deeply. “Perv.” And as expected, she began to tug on the hem of her skirt as though she could somehow stretch it. Jared and I tried to hide our smiles in vain.

But naturally, the previously declared pervert looked rather pleased with himself. “Of course I am; I am Dick Wentz, you know.”

“Yes, we know,” Jay and I replied sardonically and in unison. I must admit he and I have a lot in common—music, sarcasm, the ability to actually use our brains. I’m not saying Madie’s not smart, but…well, I suppose her cousin might have gotten all the intelligent genes in their family. The girl was still tugging at her skirt, not realizing it didn’t make the slightest bit of difference and only served to make Dick smirk even more while supplying him with an excuse to gaze at her legs. He was disgusting.

I couldn’t watch. I had to say it. “For God’s sake, stop fussing with it. He didn’t see anything.” My eyes rolled of their own accord.

And Dick just couldn’t let it go. “Sure I did; how could I not?” I assume he assumed that his rather revolting tone of voice was sexy. The sarcastic smirk, I could tell, was meant for yours truly.

Interestingly, Jared of all people decided to back him up. After concentrating on the hem of Madie’s uniform for a moment he said, “Actually Madie, your skirt is rather short.”

I made another failed attempt to intervene. “Don’t be a jerk, Dick. She’s not used to you.” It didn’t really work, even though Madie pointed out that her skirt was the exact same length as mine and therefore not that short. I prefer a bit of modesty.

He didn’t take the hint. “She can get used to me,” he wiggled his eyebrows as Jay continued to stand behind him in silent amusement.

“Get lost.” My patience was dying.

“I think I have as much right to be here as you, Lee.” The shit-eating look on his face didn’t waver.

“He has a point.” What can I say? Jay is one of the best friends one can ever find, and I still don’t understand why he chose to befriend a boy who behaves like the scum of the earth. I take that back. Aiden is the scum of the earth, but really, Dick could use some manners.

And I refused to admit defeat in a verbal exchange. “Looking up my best friend’s skirt is an abuse of your right, Wentz.” Perhaps my tone suggested that even his name was distasteful, but I swear I don’t hate him. It’s just my nature.

“Happy to abuse it,” he replied with another smirk. It’s one of those situations in which one cannot help but be rude. But I decided not to dignify his perversity with a response. Jay saved the day, as usual.

“Actually, Dick, shouldn’t you get to class? You are on probation as it is.”

I had to smirk. “On the first day?”

Dick glared and Jared spoke for him, “It’s a continuation from last year.” I had to laugh. It was pretty funny. “You’d better hurry Dick,” Jay glanced at his watch as he pushed his best friend lightly forward.

Groaning, Dick pulled a face before walking backwards down the hall. “See you ‘round, Madie,” he said with a wink before turning around and walking off. Madie went pink and I think it’s safe to say that her thoughts immediately began to focus and ponder on that alone.

I looked at the thin silver watch adoring my wrist. Another two minutes left for class. “So how was your summer, Jay?”

He looked at me, thinking before replying, “It’s wasn’t the worst I’ve had. We traveled to England for a few weeks.”

I smiled. “Must have been inspiring.”

“Oh, it was so,” he nodded, his features glowing softly with reminiscence. “Rainy and so enjoyable. And yours, Cassandra?”

“It was okay,” I shrugged, leaning against the wall next to him. “My mom was on my case again though.”

“The entire summer?”

I nodded painfully. “The entire summer. My only reprieve was when she went off to the studio.”

“That does sound painful. My family’s been rather…” his eyes cast to the ground, “Spiteful towards each other.”

I looked at him, trying for some reason to hide my sympathy. “I know. I can…hear…”

He looked rueful. “Well, they are rather loud.” He paused. “But the music drowns it out,” he said with a half-smile.

“Yeah. It does.” I could think of little else to say. “Got any new pieces for me to try out?” Jared had always been my classical jam partner. If it’s possible to imagine two teenagers, one on piano and the other on violin, playing with such violent passion that it could only be called “jamming”.

“Oh, I have a few things up my sleeve…”

“Well, drop by sometime and let me have a listen.” The final warning bell rang, waking Madie from her daydreams and sending students rushing to and fro down the halls.

“I’ll see you guys later,” Jay said, consulting his schedule. “And I hope you’ll both be attending Dick’s soiree.” He adjusted the books in his arms before disappearing into the hallway.

I smiled to myself. I like parties. And Madie and I were late to our next class!