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Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

The Secret Desires Of A Dan Iero

I had gotten many more text messages about Dick’s party, people checking if I was going or not. Part of me was begging for it, simply because Aiden’s and Charlie’s bickering was starting to get to me and a party with lots of booze sounded very nice at the moment. The other part of me was saying no, just because… if we went Aiden would probably end up flirting with some girl which would lead me to drinking more and talking shit – wait, why the fuck would I care if Aiden was flirting with a girl? Right! I don’t give a damn, if he wants to flirt then he can go right on ahead! Cause he’s a guy… that’s what guys do… yeah.

I took the liberty to order some pizza while Charlie ransacked my DVD collection, err mom and dad’s DVD collection. Aiden was lounged on the couch, slowly sobering up from the liquor he sucked down. The liquor he promised he wouldn’t drink! Aiden wasn’t really someone to keep a promise…

“Oh! Fight Club!” Charlie squeaked, placing it on the coffee table and went back to her expedition into the collection of movies.

I could see the grin grow on Aiden’s face as Charlie bent over a little more… I twitched, moving quickly to the kitchen and opened the cabinet. Ew, medicine cabinet. I slammed it shut and looked for anything to ease my stomach. The Full Throttle Aiden gave me! I ran quickly to the fridge, grabbing the can and sucking it down as quickly as possible.

Aah, now that feels nice.

I twitched slightly, walking back into the living room and slumped onto the couch, laying my head on Aiden’s lap and instantly his fingers tangled themselves into my hair. His short fingernails scratched softly at my scalp and I couldn’t help but enjoy the feeling. Tehe, Aiden’s lap is so warm. Charlie turned, raising an eyebrow as she looked over us and smirked.

“Didn’t know you went down like that Danny.”

You killed the moment! I sat up as fast as I could, Charlie giggling and I do not see what is so damn funny! I am not gay! “You’re not funny!”

“No one said I was trying to be funny,” Charlie replied as she waltzed to the DVD player and turned it on.

“There’s no shame in being-”

“I’m not gay god damn it!” I yelped, looking over at Aiden who only smiled at me. Ooh, his teeth are pretty… Stay focused Dan! “Why do you always pick on me?”

“Cause you’re the baby Danny!” Aiden said as he lunged towards me, his arms wrapping around me and he hugged me tightly. This is a very nice hug… Charlie ran over, jumping on my lap and joined in the hug.

So… many… bodies… can’t… breath… Doorbell!

“Pizza is here!” I yelled, trying to push everyone off of me and got up to run to the door. I swung it open, seeing the pizza man and smiled widely. Oh yay! I get to eat! I paid the guy, and grabbed the two boxes of pizza that was going to be endured by myself and my two best friends.

When I walked back into the living room Charlie was texting someone on her sidekick and Aiden looked annoyed… people really wanted Charlie at the party… “Pizza’s here!”

I walked into the living room, placing the boxes on the table and opened one of them. “Smell that!” I said as I grabbed the back of Aiden’s neck and damn near shoved his face into the pizza so he could smell it.

“Dan, let go of me or I’ll be shoving something else in you…”

I quickly let go, sticking my tongue out at Aiden and grabbed a slice of pizza. Charlie’s eyes lifted up to Aiden, a sly smirk spreading across her face. Oh no… here it comes…

“You know Aiden, there’ll be a lot of willing girls at Dick’s parties,” Charlie said smoothly. “I mean, I heard we got a couple of new girls. Why not sway them your way sugar?”

Do not think of Aiden boning faceless chick. Do not think of Aiden boning faceless chick. I took a chance of looking over Aiden, whose face gave away that was he thinking… no! No thinking! Eat pizza! Be stupid like Dan and eat the damn pizza!

“Come on it’ll be fun! Right Dan?” Charlie continued as she looked over at me, and I simply chomped into my pizza. Do not get me involved. I am merely a bystander.

“It was just the three of us, remember?” I said as I looked over at Charlie, then looked at Aiden who was looking at his own phone.

“Fuck it, let’s go.” Aiden said, suddenly changing our plans for the night. Movie and pizza out, party in. Crud. Now I have to change.

Charlie smiled widely, getting up and kissing Aiden on the cheek. She bounced up the stairs, probably looking for some clothes she left behind here a few nights ago, and would probably disappear into the bathroom to get ready. I finished my first slice of pizza, grabbing at another and attacked with no mercy. No mercy!

“Slow down, you might choke.” Aiden said as he grabbed a slice of pizza himself and bit into it. “Do you have something I can borrow?”

“When don’t I?” I replied, swallowing the piece of pizza in my mouth and soon grabbed the box. I stood up, jerking my head to the side to tell Aiden to follow me upstairs to my room. He did and I lead the way, kicking the door open and flicking the light on. “Pick whatever you want.”

“Thanks Danny boy,” Aiden said as he touched my shoulder and a slight tingle ran down my spine.

Ignore that. That was chills. Not tingle, chills.

Aiden walked into my closet, looking through my stuff while I attacked my third slice of pizza and opened a drawer to pull out my favorite Marvin the Martian t-shirt. I tossed the box on my bed, turning slightly and catching skin. Skin? I looked over at Aiden who was shirtless and undoing his pants.

Hot damn… NO! Stop looking!

I looked into my drawer, grabbing my t-shirt and shutting it soon after. My eyes moved over to see Aiden in just boxers that hung a little below his hip bones. Muscles… and chest hair… that’s ok the muscle makes up – Gah! What am I doing?! I snapped my head away, I will not do this! I am not ga-… he’s moving towards me.

“Marvin the Martian, nice,” Aiden said as looked over my shoulder, running his hand through my hair quickly and shuffling some of the hair around. Tingle…

I shook my head, shutting my eyes slightly and tossed my shirt on the bed. I pulled off my own shirt, this was no big deal. Aiden and me undressed loads of time in the same room! This is no big deal, not a problem. Aiden had grabbed another slice of pizza, biting it and walked behind me – his shoulder slightly touched my back and I slightly jerked. It didn’t phase Aiden cause he kept walking towards the closet, I gulped down feeling my hands shake slightly.

Maybe this is a big deal…

“Dan…” I looked over at Aiden who had his head slightly tilted to the side. “Are you shaking?”

“N-no,” I stuttered and Aiden walked over to me, studying my arms… bet he was looking at more than just my arms. I feel like a girl now…

“Yeah your are, why?”

“I am not…”

“Do I make you nervous Dan?” Aiden asked, but the way he said it – oh holy crap it made me want to pounce on him and just… no, this is Aiden! My best friend since forever!

Slowly, Aiden’s finger slipped into one of my belt loops and he tugged on my jeans slightly pulling me closer to him and I could feel my heartbeat pick up and my breath getting caught in my throat. “Do I?”

I opened my mouth to respond, but nothing came out. I closed my mouth, looking at Aiden – wow he is oddly close to my face… My eyes widened when I realized just how really close he was to me, his chest somewhat pressed against mine… how the hell did this happen! Before I could react or push or ask him just what the fuck he was doing Aiden’s lips were pressed against mine.

I am kissing a guy. I am kissing Aiden. Why am I not disgusted or freaked out by this?


I blinked, staring at the shirt on my bed and looked over at Aiden who was pulling some pants on. “You ok there? You spaced out for a moment there.”

Daydream. I daydreamed it all… “Yeah, I’m ok.” I think…