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Have Kids, Then We'll Talk

Alcohol, What A Pain.

Long, blonde locks is what I could remember. Long blonde locks that I wanted to twirl my fingers around and play with for the rest of the night. If only I had kept my attention on the locks, on her slightly drunk face because she drank one too many cups of rum too fast. Maybe… maybe I wouldn’t have seen Aiden disappear with some skinny whore attached to his arm, who could barely walk and keep her ass in her skirt. I never understood, and probably never would, why I got a sickly feeling in my stomach which lead me to sucking down a whole bottle of Grey Goose Vodka and the long, blonde locks were the last thing I could remember.

Why do I continuously do this crap?!

My phone was what woke me up, the ringing right in my ear which made me jump and fall off the bed with a loud thud. Ow. I think I’m bleeding from somewhere. I laid there on the floor, half naked, and let the phone ring away. Ugh. I feel like shit. Someone kill me… Please! I rubbed my face, realizing there was a dry trail of spit down my cheek. I rubbed it furiously, forcing myself to sit up.

Funny how exactly when I sit up the fucking phone is ringing again. Hey asshole! I didn’t pick up the first time, why would I pick it up this time?! I climbed onto the bed, twitching slightly, and grabbed the phone.


“Daniel, you’re up.”

“Yeah dad, you keep calling.” I yawned as I rubbed my eyes and looked over the ceiling. Ooh… there’s underwear dangling from the ceiling fan.

“Don’t be a smartass, I heard you attempt to sneak in last night.” He replied. Wait, how the fuck did I get home?! “Anyways, I woke you?”


“You sound sick.”

“I’m hung-over.”

“…Daniel! You’re not supposed to be drinking! Your meds have been doubled and you can’t mix that stuff!” My dad shouted and I put him on speakerphone so it wouldn’t attack the headache that was already throbbing in my head.

I whined. And then twitched. “No drinking either?”


“Dad, I can’t do anything anymore! No energy drinks! No caffeine, no sugar, no alcohol, no nothing! And the damn meds make me so dull I can’t even do anything I like anymore! Like play the guitar or soccer!” I complained, rubbing my forehead and groaned.

“I know, but Dan… you know how you get…”

“Ugh, I’m going to shower!” I shot at my dad, hanging up the phone before he could even get a chance to reply back.

I hate being the one person that can’t do this or do that, it’s not fair! So what if I have ADHD, big fucking deal! Willy Wonka had a candy obsession, no one diagnosed him with diabetes! I sat up again, groaning and twitching. The phone is ringing again. What the fuck!


“…Bad morning Danny Boy?”

“Kind of,” I replied as I rubbed my face and relaxed a little when I heard Aiden chuckle. “I feel

“Oh, what was the disease this time?”


“How much?”

“The whole bottle.”

“The who- Dan! A whole bottle of Vodka?” Aiden asked, suddenly stepping into big brother mode. Like he can talk, he was sucking down way more than alcohol. Stupid girl
whores. “Why? Did Dick piss you off again?”

“No, I wasn’t near Dick! I was… with Cassie…”

“CASSIE?! As in Cassandra Lee?! My neighbor?!” Aiden snapped, I can tell by his voice he
was getting mad.


“I hate her!”

“But I like her-”

“Daniel! There are far more better woman than Cassie,” Aiden said and I frowned.

“Oh like the stupid bitches you fuck?” I snapped at Aiden, feeling my insides rip with rage and annoyance. Everyone is annoying the shit out of me. “Or what about that skinny ass whore you disappeared with last night? Huh? Cassie was nice enough to hang out with my drunk ass cause both you and Charlie ran off on me!”


“Don’t talk shit about Cassie! Now I’m gonna take a god damn shower and everyone is going to leave me alone for the rest of the day!” I yelled, hanging up on him too and got up so fast from the bed my head spun. I could hear my phone ringing again, only this time I didn’t bother.

I stomped off to the bathroom like the child I am and turned on the shower, taking off the only piece of clothing I managed to keep on last night after I got home. My underwear. I yanked off, slipping on something wet on the floor and landing flat on my back into that wet pool of something.

I failed to notice the collection of vomit I puked up last night.

Ugh, this is… I think I might throw up again. I twitched, trying to get up once again today and got in the shower. Aah, so warm. I could almost feel my anger melt off, and then I felt bad. Felt bad for yelling at Aiden the way I did. I sighed, getting clean and grabbing my towel when I was done. I was careful to walk around the vomit, going to my room and started looking for clothes. Phone rang… again.

Is it let’s call Dan and see what he is up to day?

If there was such a day, I’d be so damn happy! But not today, no. I grabbed the phone, checking who it was and blinked twice. Cassie! Cassie is calling me! Oh my god! Oh crap… what am I supposed to do?!

“Hello?” I said, slightly wide eyed and scared. Cassie is on the phone…

“Erm, hi Dan. It’s me, Cassie…”

“I know – I mean, hey Cassie, what is up?” What is up? What kind of crap is that Dan?!

She slightly laughed, I could almost imagine her sparkly smile. So sparkly… stop it, focus
Dan. “Nothing, I just wanted to make sure the cab I put you in got you home. Did it?”

Oh, so that’s how I got home. “Uh, yeah! Yeah it did, thanks. I mean, you didn’t have too… since you know, I mean… you were kind of drinking too.”

“Yeah, but you were gone.” Cassie replied, oh man… I want to like have a Cassie cake right now. “So anyways… I wanted to ask you something… you like Sugarcult right?”

I blinked. “Yeah, why?”

“Cause… I have these tickets for their concert and I wanted to know if like… you wanted to come with me or not?” Cassie asked, much like preparing herself to say no.

“Sure! I mean, yeah. Yeah, I’ll go with you.”

“Reall – Ah! Ok, then…”

“I’ll call you later? I… well I kind of just got out the shower,” I said, looking down at myself and kind of remembered I was in just a towel.

“Oh! Oh my god, I’m sorry! You go… do that, yeah. Um, bye Dan!” She said quickly, hanging
up and I looked over my phone.

She’s so cute! I smiled to myself, twitching of course because apparently that’s the new thing my body is doing. Maybe my day isn’t going to be shit after all.