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THE VERY LAST CHAPTER. The ending means that there can be no more parts to this story. I hope you enjoy the last part and thank you all for your support through all four stories in this series starting with His Little Drummer Girl, Cherry Lips and Tattoos then prior to this, Purple Hearts.
  1. Remembering
    Franky takes some time out to remember about the past
  2. Going Home
    A friend of Franky's turns up unexpectedly
  3. Maybe Its Not Meant To Be
    Franky arrives home to a welcome home party but someone is missing
  4. I Love Him
    Franky admits to Tre how she feels about Billie.
  5. Purple Fairy Lights
  6. Billie Speaks To Franky
  7. Time To Tell Him
    Franky decides its time to tell Billie that he could be a father. But does something stand in her way?
  8. Surprise!
  9. Bad News
  10. The White Light
  11. Torn
    Billie is apprehensive as he knows he's going to have to split himself two ways
  12. Three Wishes
  13. Something To Say
  14. You're My Girl
  15. Dream Come True
  16. Tomorrow
  17. He Remembered
  18. Changes
  19. Wanting To Run Away
  20. An Unwanted Visitor
  21. Just Hurry Home To Me
  22. Confessing
  23. The Day Of The Party - Part 1
  24. The Day Of The Party - Part 2
  25. The Day Of The Party - Part 3
  26. The Party - 1
  27. The Party - 2
  28. The Party - 3
  29. The Party - 4
  30. The Party - 5
  31. Out In The Open
  32. Together...Forever...