Keep Me Young


When a close friend of yours goes off to different places for a total of seven months, you begin to miss them. You also start to realize that you might possibly even have different feelings for them. Though, you aren’t really sure if those feelings for that person are real. Though, Annie is beginning to find out the truth. With the empty house to stare at, she begins to wonder if he’s even going to be there like he said.
  1. Chapter 1:
    Lines, Vines and…?
  2. Chapter 2:
    Keep It Real: Part One
  3. Chapter 3:
    Keep It Real: Part Two
  4. Chapter 4:
  5. Chapter 5:
    World War III
  6. Chapter 6:
    Much Better
  7. Chapter 7:
    Fly With Me
  8. Chapter 8:
    Turn Right