Keep Me Young

Chapter 8:

Like you've just heard it girls! Joe Jonas hasn't lasted a week being single! I guess he can't live without a girl attached at his hip? Well, for those of you just tuning in, we've just found out that heartthrob Joe Jonas has a new girlfriend. This time it isn't a super celeb like his ex's. Now, he's gone as low as going out with a desperate fan who wants his attention. We highly doubt that anything serious might come out of this relationship! So don't worry girls, your Joe will be back to being single in no time!” the host to E! News smiled as she informed the viewers for the commercial break.

“Seriously? Are they being this harsh over the new relationship Joe is in?” Nick scowled as he turned the TV off, too angry to even care what other news they had. “Why can't they just be happy for him for once?”

“Every time something like that happens, we're always the target for them,” Kevin shook his head as he himself was too upset to even think of anything else.

“The only reason why they do that is to get more viewers and more money,” Nick added in as he just sat on the couch hoping Annie hadn't paid attention to anything they had said. “It's not even worth it. They're going to end up wrong anyways. We're the only ones that know how strong their relationship really is.”

“You got that right,” Kevin agreed.

“Seriously? How much more desperate could they be for attention?” Joe growled as he made his way down the stairs. “Shouldn't they be happy for someone since they finally found someone who actually knows how to treat them?”

“They'll never understand that, Joe. Not even if you dropped a million hints, they'd be too clueless,” Nick sighed trying to help out his brother. Even though, what they should have really been worried about is that Annie hadn't listened to any of the mess.

“This is so stupid. I'm too angry to even reply to their careless comments,” Joe added in as he walked his way into the kitchen and looked for something to eat. “What are they going to do next? Start a hate site for her?”

“Don't even say it, you're giving them ideas,” Kevin laughed softly as he tried to lighten up the mood. “I think you should just show them that their comments aren't letting you down from going out with her.”

“Nothing they do or say will stop me from going out with her,” he admitted. “I've sacrificed our friendship to even pay attention to them. They'll never know how much she really means to me.”

“That's what I'm talking about!” Nick exclaimed standing up from the couch and walking over to his brother. “Now, how about you invite her over and she can invite her friend Valen as well, and maybe we can watch some movies?”

“Seriously? Can't you just call Valen over, make up some excuse by telling her you want to go over some song with her,” Joe looked over at him. “After that, you can suck face if you'd like.”

“I helped you out with Annie, now help me out with my girl problem,” Nick reminded Joe. “Please?”

“I'll see, I haven't planned anything out with Annie anyways,” he admitted. “Actually, why don't we go out to the water park instead? I mean, winter is right around the corner. Let's have some fun.”

“That sounds great,” Kevin agreed as he raided the fridge for something to snack on.

“You should call Danielle now, since you always tell her last minute and she never has enough time to prepare her things,” Nick mentioned as he looked through his phone's messages.

“And you should call Valen right now,” Joe pointed over at his younger brother. “You and Kevin aren't so different from that.”

“What about you? You should be calling Annie right now,” Nick called out as he raised an eyebrow at his brother. “You usually call her ten minutes before we leave.”

“I already text messaged her, and she replied saying it was cool,” Joe winked and walked out of the kitchen leaving his two brothers there to call their girlfriends. Well, for Nick, Valen was only a friend, or so he said. Joe had gone to his room and took out his small backpack and packed an extra set of clothes for after drying off at the water park. He'd decided to wear his swimming trunks under his jeans so he wouldn't have to pack much. Instead of wearing his tennis shoes, he wore his black sandals and of course he couldn't forget his Aviator sun glasses. As he finished gathering everything up, Nick came into his room without knocking. “What happened to knocking before coming into a room? I could have been changing in here.”

“Joe, we're brothers, I think we've been through that stage so many times already,” Nick laughed still standing at the door, leaning on the door frame. “Anyways, I wasn't here to intrude, but you sir, have a visitor.” With that said, Nick turned around and looked to his right, smiled then walked away.

I raised an eyebrow and waited for the person to come in, “Hey slow poke,” Annie joked as she peeked her head through the door. Surprised, he smiled and motioned to her to go ahead and walk into his bedroom.

“What are you doing here? I thought I was going to go pick you up in like, ten minutes?” he smiled softly as he had checked his watch and noticed that it was a bit after the time he had promised her to pick her up. As he raised his head to look up at her, he a had an apologetic smile on his face. “I'm really sorry.”

“It's okay, my mom was heading out and said she'd give me a ride,” she smiled back at him. “So are we only going to the water park?”

“Pretty much,” he confirmed as he took her hand in his and lead her to his bed and made her sit down next to him. “You look amazing today, by the way.”

“Thank you?” she laughed softly and blushed away as she looked down at her feet that were making circle spots. Ever since her body had been changing, she wasn't adjusted to people complementing her on how she looked. It was still something she had to learn how to accept.

“Still learning on how to take compliments, huh?” he smiled wrapping his arms around her shoulders and pulling her tight into a hug. “You'll start learning on how to take those in especially with me complementing you all the time.”

“Thanks for the warning,” she laughed giving him a quick peck on his cheek and then blushing once again. She still wasn't used to the fact that her and Joe were actually an item. “I'm sorry if I'm any weird today.”

“Still not used to us being together, yet?” he questioned with a soft smile crawling onto his lips. The kind of smile that teenage fans would scream to get from him. “Don't worry though, I'm in the same situation.”

“Alright love birds, we're leaving now, so get your love dovey behinds out of this room and out to the car, because we have to go pick up Valen and Danielle,” Kevin announced as he peeked in through Joe's bedroom door. “...and while we're there, keep it PG for the paparazzi.”

“Sure, Mr. I-kissed-Danielle-in-public,” Joe rolled his eyes as he joked and grabbed his bag then grabbing Annie's hand and walking out of the bedroom behind Kevin who had the keys in hand, indicating he was going to drive.

“How about we take my car, I don't think we'll all fit inside your car,” Joe called out from behind his brothers as they walked down the stairs. Kevin turned back and looked at him for a second and agreed. Now Joe and Annie were both going to take shotgun, with Kevin and Nick in the back. Once everyone was already inside the vehicle, Joe pulled out of the driveway and headed over to Danielle's house first since it was the closest one.


Everyone had bought their tickets and were told where the lockers were. Each one of them had their own, since the locker itself was too tiny.

“I thought the place might've been more crowded,” Valen admitted as she placed her tote bag inside the tiny space they called lockers. “I mean it is a Friday.”

“I guess everyone else is over at the amusement park across the street,” Kevin replied as he and Danielle held hands while waiting on the others. Everyone shrugged the conversation off and continued their way to the water rides. Out of all six of them, four of them being couples and two just being friends...Kevin and Danielle were the only ones that held hands.

“How about we get on that slide? It's super big and looks fun!” Nick grinned as he grabbed Valen's hand and didn't give her time to give him an answer. Though, being her, she always liked crazy rides like the one they were about to get on. Kevin and Danielle didn't stay far behind either. That only left Joe and Annie standing there.

“C'mon, let's get on it,” he added as he reached for Annie's hand but she didn't reply. “Just this one big ride and I won't make you get on any others anymore.”

“Joe, I don't know,” she smiled nervously, “you know how I get when I get on a big ride.”

“Just this one and that's it,” he begged. “Please?” He looked over at her with the famous puppy dog face.

“Fine, just this once,” she rolled her eyes and followed close behind him. “I swear this better not be no thirty million feet high, or else you die.” She added as all six of them were making their way up to the top of the slide. There was no way Annie would ever get on that ride again. As she leaned over the rail, she looked down and saw how far up she was already off the ground. “Oh crap.”

“What's wrong?” Joe questioned as he paused and turned around to face her. She wouldn't budge an inch as she now had closed her eyes and had gripped on tighter to the rail. “Come on, we're a step away from sliding down.”

“Are you two going down the ride?” a tall blonde guy questioned as he wore a shirt that had the parks name on it. “People are waiting.”

“Yeah, we are,” Joe replied as he managed to get Annie to let go of the rail and lead her to where the inflatable boat was set. Joe took a seat first, then pulled Annie down in front of him and wrapped his arms tight around her so she wouldn't start freaking out. The guy pushed the boat and down they went down the slide that seemed to have no end. They went through many tunnels until they finally found the end of the slide with some unexpected guests waiting for them. About 14 photographers had figured out where the Jonas' were going to spend their day. With the boys' luck, the day they had planned to have free was now being sabotaged by all the media.

“So Joe, why going so low after going having a celebrity girlfriend?" one of the paparazzi's questioned as they flashed away photos of all of them. Kevin and Danielle didn't mind it, they had already gotten used to the fact that they were going to follow them everywhere..

"Is she the rebound girl?" Someone else questioned without a care. Joe didn't reply to any of their questions. He simply grabbed Annie by the hand and helped her stand up. The photographers flashed away with their camera's as they followed all six of them into the locker room.

"I'm really sorry, don't listen to what they are saying." Joe explained as both his hands were gripped onto Annie's shoulders. "You're not the rebound girl and never will be. You have to know that you mean so much to me to even go there."

"Don't worry about it, I know how it is," the girl smiled back at the boy standing right in front of her with worried eyes. She knew that what he was telling her were his true feelings. "I'm just going to have to get used to the fact that I'm going out with a celebrity, and they have to get used to the fact that you can date any girl you want."

"That's the attitude!" Valen exclaimed from beside Nick as she threw her fist up in the air. Everyone turned around to look at her, and just laughed as they shook their head. "I'm serious! She shouldn't be worried about people judging her by going out with someone famous."

"You're right, but try explaining that to those air heads out there," Kevin added as he wrapped one arm around Danielle. “We eventually just began to ignore them and see, we are doing great.”

“It's not like they can determine what's going to happen with you two,” Nick smiled and patted his brother on the shoulder. “Only you two can determine that, and if you learn to ignore their comments, you'll do great.”

“Thanks, it helps to hear all of your comments,” Joe admitted as he thanked every one of them for supporting him and his non-famous girlfriend. If there's something that he needed more than anything was support.
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