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Behind Closed Doors

Chapter 13

Third Person POV

Meanwhile, in the darkness of the trees, a pair of red eyes watches the couple embracing one another. Showing their happiness and affection. Cocking his head to the side, he watched silently as the man lifted his lover up and spun her in circles, her melodic laugh was all that ringed in the air. They both looked like they wouldn’t want it any other way. That they’re both in love. It’s easy to tell, really.

In spite of that, the person with the red eyes frowns at the gleeful sight. He does not feel the need to breathe, but the smell the man gave out still bothered him. Of course, it’s known that the said man is a werewolf while he is a vampire, he did a very good job hiding himself even the werewolf doesn’t realize that he’s very near. He could only smirk as he imagined how it would be if he did know. What trouble the werewolf will cause. Such fun.

He immediately shook his head at the thought. His master didn’t send him for this, despite how bored he was. He was here to be a spy. To see what these werewolves are like, to see their bond with the Cullens, to see their weakness. It’s an easy guess that this girl is the werewolf’s possession. What’s the word? Ah, imprint. His masters had told him and the rest of them the history of the werewolves. He had lived nearly a thousand years, of course there are a lot of knowledge inside him.

The girl’s laughter makes him flinch, he took a keen look at her. He silently chuckled, oh my, that girl is beautiful. The way her hair shines in the sunset, and the way that her eyes sparkle. She would be a fine meal, and the bleary smell of her blood (much covered up by the werewolf’s) is sickeningly sweet it made him lick his lips. Taking a deep breath, he tried to focus, to concentrate at what he does best.

And he opened his eyes wide in shock, what could explain this?

Demetri, the person with the red eyes himself, grumbled with both frustration and excitement. Could it be? That this girl, this mere human girl has some sort of ability to prevent his powers? His tracking powers?

He brightened immediately, grinning . His masters would love to hear the news; the news of him finding a possible addition to the group. She could be the perfect substitute to that Bella girl. Yes! Yes! Oh how his masters will be proud of him, they will praise him and then shower him with gifts, and the others will only stand idly by, unable to do nothing than staring in envy!

Demetri laughed wickedly at the plan he had formed inside his mind. This will be all too easy. Faster than a blink, he left his hiding place, leaving two dead rabbits on the ground, both drained of blood.

The game had just begun, little girl. So you better dress nicely and play.
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