Status: Complete.

Seasons Change

Alex and Winter have made it a long way.5 years and 2 months. To be exact. And a whole lot more. But the one thing that may mean more than each other is being taken away.

P.S. A sequel was written but I didn't have time to manage it so it was deleted. If I find the time and will to post it again, I will.

Disclaimer; I do not own any of the character pictures. If a picture of you or anyone you know is used in the making of this story and you wish it not to be, then please say so and I'll take the picture down.
  1. I
  2. II
  3. III
  4. IV
  5. V
  6. VI
  7. VII
  8. VIII
  9. IX
  10. X
  11. XI
  12. XII
    The End