Unforgettable actions

Chapter 1

Jimmy's P.O.V

'What the fuck is the point in fuckin school?'
my mind continuosly asks as I feel like crap in the middle of english. But this time, it's different. Why aren't I thinking about my sweet drums, but I'm thinking about fucking Claire? That bitch loved me but didn't wanna do any fucking thing. I can't believe she reckons I was going to fuckin rape her. I mean I know that she was sexually abused as a child, but all I wanted was for her to step up and go the next level. It's weird. Why the fuck can I not get her sandy blonde hair and sparkling emerald green eyes and heart-warming smile outta my head. Fuck that's it. She's gonna hear from me again...

I picked up a pen and a pin. Slowly, the drops of scarlet ran from the end of my index finger...

Zack's P.O.V

I can't hold this in anymore. I really really can't. I just can't stop fuckin thinking about Brian, or Synyster as everyone knows him as. It's unbearable. I run out of class to the toilets and before I realise it my zipper's undone and the sudden feeling of cold air rushing near my crotch is interrupted by the warm, rough feeling of my fingertips. I can that no-one else is in the bathroom so carry on anyway.
I close my eyes as I think of Syn's heavy breathing, and soft muffled moaning. I think of his solemn face with that sexy hat he wears and pulls off. I can feel it building up. it's gonna come with 2 or 3 more. The soft stroking is suddenly welcomed with a wet shot. It's a strange surprise... it's premature.
But the thoughts of Syny still linger in my mind. I can't confront him about my feelings. It would kill our group. It's not like we're homophobics though, otherwise we couldn't hang wit Syn. But nevertheless, Syn fuckin screws anything that walks and isn't furry.
But they all think I'm straight. No. I no longer care if this kills our group. I've played along beside Syn for too long and resisted it now it's just becoming wrong to hide.

The big question comes back in my head. Why is it that it was Syn who made me start to notice guys? Of course I just push it to the back of my head as one of those unanswered questions that will probably haunt me.

Now to tell Syn.