Unforgettable actions

Chapter 11

Synyster's P.O.V

I should go and try to find the group.

I just walked around the corner to hopefully find Zacky boy and the rest of the group, as awkward as things might've been.

But I was just greeted by an empty space.

Where the fuck are they?

I started to wander round the school, but my God I was just surrounded by fucking jocks and barbies.

Still, as blonde and bimbo-ish as they are, fuck they're irresistable.

Zacky's P.O.V

"Guys, how're we gonna get to the hospital? Syn's the only one with a fuckin car!"

Isn't that pointless? All of us have our licenses but no fuckin cars, especially when you need them.

"HEY! I'll give you a ride!!!"

I heard the strange voice of a geek. I turned to see this morange, freckled boy standing along the hallway, I guessed he was the messenger boy with his badges and clipboard and all that.

"we might as well." Matt seemed to let slip.

Hard to think why we were reluctant. *cough*

We headed into the carpark, and I couldn't help but notice that Johnny was really, REALLY solemn.

Bit weird.

What the fuck?

He has a PORSCHE?!?