Unforgettable actions

Chapter 13

Synyster's POV

I headed out to my car, as I had finally decided that Matt and shit must've been notified by Zacky what I just said.

As I walked, I thought more about it.

What was I ACTUALLY thinking? I didn't expect Zacky to listen, accept it, not get mad and hook up with me or something...

To be honest I don't think I was thinking. Or thinking I wasn't thinking. WHATEVER!

I dug my hand deep into my right pocket, looking for my keys.

Who should I see but fucking gorgeous Billie. Ok, so what if the school thought he was a wanker, I think he's amazing.

I just had to kill our relationship.

I didn't know how long I was actually looking at him for, I guess i must've completely zoned out. We made eye contact.

His stare penetrated straight through me.

It was ice cold. But not with pure hatred. It was with sorrow and pain.

But I was the one who screwed up, and we had both moved on. There was nothing I could do.

I unlocked the cardoor hurriedly, and hopped into the driver's seat.

aaahh... let's have a little something before we head home...

I leaned over to the glove department and unlocked that as well. There was only one reason why I locked it, and that was purely because that was where I hid my stash.

I pulled out a small ziplock plastic bag, filled with little small white pills.

I dry swallowed the pill, almost feeling the effects within about 2 minutes.

God I haven't had one of those babies in a long time

As I turned the key, the engine made a funny gurgling sound.

I tried again and-