Unforgettable actions

Chapter 14

Bille's POV

My God it's Syn.

Ok so we have had a pretty long history together. But it was love.

He was my true love.

But he went and kissed fuckin Miranda.

I'd been watching him walk towards his car, but he couldn't tell, my hair was covering my eyes.


"I love you so much Billy boy" Syn whispered in my ear as we made out in the darkest part of the library.

"We're together and that's all that matters"

I suppressed a moan as he started to trace a line from my ear to my mouth.

I pressed my lips against his in a hard kiss, and Syn opened my mouth slightly forcing his tongue in.

Our tongues danced with each other for a good minute, until it became a dominant war.
After another good minute or so I started to run out of breath and let his tongue win, just so I could break away for breath.

"I've got to go Bri"

"Just a little longer"

"No, but one more kiss babe, and I'll see you at lunch"

He didn't even reply as our tongues immediately reunited.



Finally, the lunch bell.

I swept the dark hair from my face and turned out of my class, with only the thought of Syn in my mind. I headed for my locker. Best to be as smelly and sweat free as possible and carrying extra crap around all day ain't gonna help.


My mind screamed and picked up a gun and shot itself in the head, but my mouth was dry and my body stiff.

Syn stood in front of me, snogging a bloody barbie in the middle of the fucking hallway.

However long I was there for, i didn't even know. But when my Bri had finally broken off for breath it seemed i could've shot myself 14 times.

He looked at me and his eyes met mine. Acid spilled from my eye.

Hot, stinging, hateful acid. My true love had gone and cheated on me.

He stammered but I walked off without even giving him a chance.
He doesn't need a chance.

*end of flashback*

He noticed me staring at him and quickly turned and unlocked his car and got in.

I turned away, returning to being social with my friends.

Not even 5 minutes later did I hear his engine try to start.

Then again but there was a huge explosion.

"WHAT THE- HOLY SHIT!" Mike screamed

I turned straight away and saw a ball of flames.

No, this was no ball, it was an explosion.

I bolted for his flaming 'car'.